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iPhone user hit with £19,000 Orange bill for 'excessive internet usage' after fault with mobile -
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Gemma N
did the company provide the mobile phone?and were there any disclaimer clauses?
Apple phones are prone to excessive data charges, but this is beyond the pale.
This network providers are just ridiculous!
Orange tried to charge my sister £100 just for saving a picture! 
I think someone may have an adult entertainment addiction....:p
+Clark Graham , this is not a common occurrence with mobile contracts, people just need to be vigilant and keep track of their usage. Most network providers offer free apps to monitor this. 
Its common with ithings , apple didnt let users turn off data roaming even when they told their phones too. [edit] apparently it's fixed now.
Rob Wakes
That's why I have an all you can eat data plan.
All you can eat dont apply in the UK, there is always a fair usage of 1gb or so.

Same thing happened to my brother. Didnt know his iphones data roaming was active and was slugged AU$500 for 50mb. Our network provider apparently charges $10/mb for roaming which equates to roughly $10,000/gb :s
I would keel over and die if my bill said that much.
Phone companies and their executives are nothing more than criminal thugs in suits.
+Rob Wakes My apologies, 3 do say they have all you can eat data, but when shopping around all the other major networks this is not the case. Network 3 unfortunatly lack in the signal department, hence I guess why they offer all you can eat, your lucky to find enough signal to make a call ; p. (And before you ask, I have been with 3 for the past 4yrs and only chahged last September)
All you can eat Is exactly what it says. I'm on 3 and use it loads. I'm in U.K. Don't know what you mean by fair usage, but it must be shit loads.
Wow! and I thought our rates were high here in the usa!! 
I have 15gb a month. I pay 150.00 a month
+Clark Graham +Jamie Smith I could write a book about the issues I had with Three last year. I agree the signal strength sucks, customer service is farcical and I could go on.
Three..... really bad signal .. I have it because it's cheap. But I regret now. 
+Muhammad Zahid KHAN I second that, you only get good Three signal if you're standing right next to the mast. I've got 12 months left on contract, I'm going straight back to O2 when that is up.
Same crap happened to me, not as large as that. After I ditched the iPhone, never had an issue again 
Makes my 5000$ Rogers bill for "data roaming" when it was absolutely switched off for the month I was away and in the bottom of my suitcase, look lame....
Orange is truly a rip-off, but it wasn't for that much.
So happy to be living in Canada :) I only pay 25 per month and I get everything I need :)
Serves him right for buying shity iPhone which has now been voted the worst smart in the US. Dude go get yourself an Android!!!
+Clark Graham +Rob Wakes Well I escalated complaint after complaint and managed to finish my two contracts a year early, saving nearly £1000 in early termination fees. Ironically I took two new contracts with ORANGE, who to be honest have been great. 
Would you have to work hard to achieve that?
Hope that porn he was watching worth it :p
I would smack a bitch. After I retained council. 
Wouldn't be having this problem if he owned a pay as you go unlimited everything plan with a smartphone running android. 
The article says the phone still sent and received data when it was off. How?

Also, £19k of data is a lot. Not sure how much but definitely a lot. I imagine the phone would've had horrible battery life if it was constantly sending and receiving. 
+R.j. Brown true- plans today tell you what your limits are and charges are this should be no surprise . I know what mine is every month 
Join KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY you'll pay that off quick!!! LOL id gladly recruit you!!!! ^_*
that company Orange has been sending me Spam texts for weeks. Is this company just incompetent or just a rip off????
Download an app killer, it shuts of apps, when you first get your smart phone uninstall ANY un-neaded apps or stuff like that, and then you will be good, as long as you watch your data usage
...I am on a prepaid android smart phone and I have enough room for growth in data : )
He should lay off the porn.
what is a bailiff? a state thug sent to break his knee?
I feel your pain, I had unlimited data, talk and text on a phone with Verizon, and they still charged for overage on data $800 for one month. I called a couple times and got no where. The last call the rep acknowledged it was a system glitch but since another billing cycle took place there was nothing that could be done to correct it and so I was suppose to pay it. I cancelled the service and went to a contract free service and the bill to collections where it will sit forever I guess cause I am not paying for their system glitch.  No contract problems now. Live and learn.
I also had problem with iPhone on Fido network in Canada... but not as bad as this tho.. I only used 450MB over in a day.. I called them and they said they can't help me and I have to pay the extra fee.. reported to CCTS and I hope they handle it well!! waiting for them to respond!! Friggin FIDO!!
Unlimited data plan, problem solved.
They're trying to make money from anything and anyone. 
When I hit my 3G limit of 2GB, verizon simply shuts my 3G and I can't use it til I hit that next month. Only happened once and was the night before the day that it reset. Pandora is probably the main consumer of my data. That's ridiculous though
I use Sprint unlimited data and use GBs of data monthly through WiFi, 4G, and 3G services and have never had a problem with any overages.
some of you guys should read before writing a comment for getting more followers/friends.. this is about Apple's technical fault with the phone, who could use 19k pounds for Christ Sake for Data charges?
Look if am paying $104 a mouth anytime usage data plan that shit right there is plan out bull shit rip off that why I don't fuck with iPhone for what 
What the fuck that supposed to mean you have to do better than that
Glad I'm with Telstra, I get a warning text when I've used 70% of my monthly data roam. Poor guy!
Hell I can hook my alltel up to my computer an play Netflix with no problem unlimited for a 104 mouth 
The douche bag has an iPhone.  I have no sympathy.
I got same thing with Telstra. The usage meter shows on the 5th Jan, I dl 240G with home user cable connection. The so-called Telstra's tech support guy tried to tell me that that is possible. haha.
If you think Orange Telecom are ashholes, don't even mess with Swisscom; they are even worse.
It doesn't take a rocket science to clear background processes. Use your brain and don't buy a smartphone if you don't know what your doing. Otherwise just keep mobile data off and you won't have any issues. Yeah your limiting yourself but if you don't know anything about a smartphone and you purchase one your at your own fault. 
and thats why i got metro 4g unlimited no contract! 55 month lol
please use prepaid plaand keep a contact with your service provider
alwaysns for mobile, and please check which data plan you hav subscribed,(
2g or 3g). and which kind sim is using (2g plat form, 3g platform)..
please use prepaid plans for mobile, and please check which data plan you hav subscribed,( 2g or 3g). and which kind sim is using (2g plat form, 3g platform).. 
doesn't matter how easy they make the technology to use you still need to use your brain..

Fool buys phone for fools and does foolish things.. wow didn't see that coming 
I can see that he doesn't live in usa cuz we have sprint that's sucks ...
It's the not an iPhone bug IT'S THE PROVIDERS FAULT 
We have the same problem here in the U.S. it's called Verizon Wireless!
Why would anyone use non-unlimited plan with iPhone? (heck, don't use EE either -- they are like US Verizon :(  )
BFD.  Who hasn't gotten an incorrect bill before?  This is news because it's an iphone?  Some people are so desperate for something to slam iphone about it's getting pitiful.
I had a similar issue with my water bill.  He should check out all his internet pipes for leaks! :)
I'm glad I got sprint unlimited everything... 
Pay as you go is the way to go...
I pay 45$ U.S. a month and I get 8GB per month. I didn't ever reach that till I bought a windows phone. Left everything running constantly because when you press the home button it doesn't turn a damn thing off. I hit 100GB because of that. I will never get another Windows phone as long as I live. I'm sticking with good ol android:)
Had this happen first night i got my phone, lucky im poor and am on pre pay lol
+Jamie Smith not true in the slightest,you are mis-informed. I use t mobile full monty. This month i have used 8.7gb so far, no problems at all. 
Unlimited data here. I can download 100000 gigabytes if I want and it won't cost any extra. 14,90€ / month.
To be honest this just sounds like Orange being Orange they are disgraceful and disgusting company. I jumped ship from Orange 5 years ago and swore I would never go back. They charged me every month for 6 months for using my home WiFi network on my HTC tytn II. I phoned up every month to be apologised to and reimbursed and by month 6 I told...try and pull this again I won't be calling up for a refund...they will just never see another penny from me. This was not the only problem I had but one that really stuck in craw.

So this doesn't shock me at all they are a fucking disgrace and it shocks me more that they still exist. I often wonder how much they are skimming off the top without people noticing.
Oh and I feel that I should add... #three #theoneplan because everyone deserves truly limitless data plans in this connected world =p
+Maniac Fox Mani have no idea where you live but I have obviously never been phone has high speed internet...everywhere. It literally never goes to 3g...ever. 
good thing I have unlimited 3g and good thing I don't use crapple devices..
Apple phones are not prone to overages. In fact, Android users, on average use more data than iPhone users. This is the fault of a bad service provider and has nothing to do with the brand of phone. 
This would have been easily avoided if user had an Android phone...
Android lets you set the limit on mobile data. Its easy to do. 
Ok iam lost I had every iphone didnt like when to the note 2 my girl has it and we r use data allday every day and never go over 10 g 
I think you can get unlimited internet with that much money, can't you?
S Mann
Sounds like a virus to me..
You would think Orange would try to take the 300 out the second time instead of trying to direct debit 19k they not realize why it got blocked the first time??
S Mann
+Haohmaru HL I'm sure if you read the small print, unlimited isn't really unlimited
Get unlimited data simple
Has google+ suddenly become a safe haven for retards?? These people who keep saying there is no such thing as unlimited data, well, there is! I have it and a few others on here also have it.....dumb asses......
How much is that in US. Currency?
A hundred dollars is equal to 66 english pounds.
S Mann
+cliff kirby bit harsh isn't it oh wise one?
I've had unlimited plans in the past which were accompanied by letters about fair use policy. That was 4 years ago. Sorry if some of us are not so upto date as you.but no reason for you to get irate is it?
Companies are still selling plans under the banner of unlimited with small print about fair use policies so no one is wrong here
Your comment suggest there is no such thing as unlimited data at all anywhere? And my comment was not aimed at you.
Left Orange last year, I used to really rate them but in the last couple of years they have just become awful.

A company that just doesn't understand customer relations.

Its true that orange does appear to be the worse operator.... They tried to get me to pay a bill of £1500 to cancel my contract, when I refused, a day later, the dropped it down to £700. Still not paid it after six years, screw orange. 
Bad APPLE - super bad...

I returned my iPhone 5 then got a Tmobile Galaxy Note 2 (white) with UNLIMITED EVERYTHING (NO CAP) and I was like won a lotto...

When you are buying an iPhone, its like you are buying the brand - NOT really a great smartphone because its NOT really a smart one...

But for tablet, i will choose the ipad 4th generation than any tablet out there...
Wow, what a blow up. Very creative mobile company...
+Clifford Miemban same here with the t mobile and galaxy note 2. Best move I ever made. An incredible bit of kit. 
Ben H
tell them what to do with the phone and contract 
S Mann
+cliff kirby  I could have worded it better and said unlimited isnt always unlimited..
but your comment was aimed at me and maybe some others too :p
how did u get away without paying btw?
You have the wrong name. If you choose to believe it was aimed at you, then that's your problem. I don't get away with anything. Its the contract that i have with t mobile. 2000 minutes any network anytime, unlimited calls t mobile to t mobile, unlimited text to anyone and totally free Wi Fi, as much as I want. 
S Mann
+cliff kirby 
re the aiming. it must be coincidental then that you happend to mention that after I said what I did. I read through the comments and couldnt really see anyone else whos post 'suggested' that there is no such thing as an unlimited plan. Maybe Im wrong? :) 

regardless, calling anyone a retard because they are not clued up about current contract and guidlines for a bit harsh in my opinion.. thats all im saying.

thanks for pointing out the name thing. lol
i was talking about not paying Orange. didnt you mention they wanted 1500 from you and then lowered it to 700?
They did yes so I threatened them with court action for harassment and intimidation. But I later found out that when the debt is passed over to the bailiff, they then have to sign a contract with you to repay the debt, if they don't, they cannot touch you. Very few people know this. The trick is, do not answer any letters from them, only accept calls from people you know and not any withheld numbers. It's been six years now and they have left me alone. 
S Mann
+cliff kirby Wow. That's quite the tip. Sorry for all the questions but I have two more.
1: Can you elaborate on they have to sign a contract? I thought getting a bailiff involved means they hand the dirty work to some bullies and by law it's allowed.

2: is that a civil right thing that an org cannot harrass you for money you owe them for services rendered? That way you can not pay for anything you run up a Bill for? 
When the bailiff takes over, a new contract between you and them must be signed. They buy the debt of orange which means it's no longer anything at all to do with orange, therefore new debt, new owner, so new contract must be agreed. Yes it is a civil right here in England. They have to sign a new contract by sending paperwork to your address, while agreeing new payment terms. These must be ignored and not touched or signed. They will Harass but by law cannot do a thing about it until some sort of agreement has been reached or signed. Basically, this means you can tell them to f.. K off.... 
+Joshua Davies but he says he knew nothing about it and there was a fault with the phone running up the charges. I partly age with you in what you say but, you know as well as I do that not everyone knows about monitoring their data on modern smart phones. I read the link provided, and it has just about been settled I believe??. 
Win some, lose some, but yeah f.. K them. It's actually quite funny, because orange and t mobile being part of the same group, very happily gave me a contract. I thought it hilarious..... Up yours orange, oh, and I get to use your shared mast, ha ha ha!! 
S Mann
+cliff kirby thanks for that. But it sounds so strange. Never heard of this tbh. Why would anyone in thier right mind sign a new contract agreeing to allow bailiffs to bang on thier door. I'm sure it's not worded that way lol but still.. it must have a mention re transfer of debt?
Thanks for answering my qs btw 
+S Malik as +Joshua Davies said above, some people do panic. Or they don't understand the law on this as I do. Just don't ever sign or read or answer anything. In order for them to take you to court, they have to send you the relevant paperwork, if you do not receive any, then you know you are fine despite their threats and harassment. They will hound you as much as possible to get you to sign or agree but if you don't, they cannot touch you. Never ever give in..... 
S Mann
Super advice. Thanks guys.
I thought that if they continue to send you letters... they end up threatning you with court action. Pretending you never got thier letters wouldn't cut the mustard cos they could always discreetly send you a sign for service letter. I suppose you really gotta be on the ball and not accept anything you are not expecting.

Predicament is.. how do you pretend not to have received any letters and accuse them of harassment too lol. Phone calls I guess.

To continue sending letters and threatening you is one thing, they do that to intimidate you in the hope you get worried and give in. 
S Mann
Interesting. Thanks again man
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