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A young British man who could face a firing squad after being caught selling less than an ounce of cannabis has been revealed to be the son of a businessman.
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If a Muslim was treated differently in another country and punished unfairly as this, they'd burn the jail down. I'd say selling weed and raping and murdering a child should merit different levels of punishment. Repulsive.
That's a vile thing to say. I hope fate puts one of your friends or family in a similar position...I'll check back for your smug response then. 
Damn wish the rest of the world would just catch up on sanity
They don't want sanity, they want to dominate the world
death should not be comdemmed to any man, just because they did s**t doesnt mean they deserve to die. If you kill someone and end up in prison, so be it. thats better than being dead.
Since life is a human right, no state should award itself the power to retributively kill healthy people against their will no matter their crimes. I must also state that Britain actually exported the death penalty to places in world where the harshest punishment might have been a hefty fine paid in the form of livestock.
I for one am against the death penalty, all for one, but lets say if a criminal killed a whole country and destroyed all those family's, i would say... then i would want him dead
+micheal shawfield If someone ran over my dog or even cut ahead of me in a queue, I'd want him dead, but that's just sentiment, not justice! Also, dead men never repent!
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