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Two Australian DJs behind royal hoax call have gone into hiding as it emerges one is 'close to breakdown'
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The whole thing is shockingly sad .. We all know such jokes can backfire on us, yet we still pull them from time to time. There is no way these guys could have foreseen this tragedy, and I feel sorry that they will have to live with it, but I think that is the responsibility you face when you do these sort of things. If you don't want to die by the sword of public opinion, you probably shouldn't really live by it either. 
I don't get Australian sense of humour esp. These pranks or bullying or racist comments on radio and tv shows. They say its normal in Australia and we are too politically correct; but when you see the comments many Australians will condemn such behaviour. Not amused to see a radio host getting confidential patient information irrespective of whether they are a celebrity or not. It is not standard practice to divulge patient information even to parents or grandparents but I suppose she list her wits when she thought she was speaking to the Queen.
The Queen would probably have contacted them through their Close Protection Squad or an Assistant that was probably there.  The DJs are retards!
You just can't undo a stupid practical joke. I know. I've been there.
The trouble is you only realise you're a fucking twat after it backfires!
I really think this has run it's race. Isn't it about time you all got on with your lives. It back fired - what's the point in hounding someone else. It was only a prank. 
I don't really have a problem with Australia (it's a beautiful place), and maybe these two people didn't know what the outcome would be, but pranks sometimes hurt people's feelings. I don't think they should be getting death threats, but you can't say they're totally innocent either...
Impersonating as a member of the family to get confidential information for personal or financial benefit (increased ratings bring more money to the station + increase the chances of more lucrative work in the future for the DJs) sounds more than a silly prank to me. The nurse's death was due to a catalogue of errors partly due to the DJ's and partly due to the lax security and training of the Hospital ( i presume) but i would find it difficult for the DJ's or the radio station to Defend themselves in court of law if the royal family decide to file a case. If they were just pretending to be the Queen without any attempt to get any info it could be considered just a silly prank.
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