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Multi-buy deals on alcohol heading for the axe as Government announces minimum price plans -

Will a minimum price for alcohol prevent binge drinking? -
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Will the extra money be used to help those affected by binge drinking (NHS, police, etc)? - No
Will the increase in price stop people drinking too much? - No
Will it stop shops selling alcohol to people under 18? - No
Is this just another way for our Government to get money out of us? - Hmmm
Smuggle smuggle. Remember what happened at prohibition. The gangster boom. Watch this space 
It still won't stop binge drinking
+Brian Cope the government has got to try something and this definitely wouldn't increase it. 
looks like they're trying to encourage people to drink a better quality of alcohol. /s
wont stop anyone drinking and local shops will still sell cheep beer if they want to stop it take it out of supermarkets and keep the pubs going you could not buy drink before the pub opend at 11 am now you can get it at some big shops 24/7 i have seen parents drop kids off with a crate of beer/ cider on the park on a saterday so they can go out so i dont think will make any diffence glad i only have a pint once a month 
So much to that then and the gov gets its 20 percent cut in vat , how dump for they think we are???? 
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