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The Nigerian president spent $1million of aid money to entice international popstars such as Beyonce and Jay-Z to perform at a music festival in the poverty-stricken country, a media source reported
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So what? It's not your f*****g money! so shut the hell up. Daily Mess
Juat how aid money is meant to be used....seriously, we need to stop funding these countries. We keep putting more money in and nothing seems to change.
+Marcus Winchester

AID money is there to increase westen exports. and the amount of money that flows from africa to western countries is far larger than so called "AID" money.

Read this two books by Jean Ziegler:

1) "Empire of Shame"

2) "The Cannibal World Order" 
I remember when cyclamates were banned as sweeteners in the UK, because they were carcinogens. All the stuff which had already been produced, (food, drinks etc) was exported, as part of the "aid".budget
It's nice to know it's being spent wisely, indefensible. 
if poor people get a chance to see stars then its all fine to spend .
Please you people should leave Nigeria alone about your life. 
+S Randy we talk about all the things posted on google plus :-) 
When 're we going to learn.may God help US.we Av forgotten accountability
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