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'I'm sure the royals put maximum pressure on this woman': Anti-monarchist Morrissey blames KATE for death of hoax call nurse
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all this republicanism ,its everywhere :(
Pretentious fuck. Eat a ham covered cheeseburger. 
Has he got a new record coming out. Probably wants the publicity.
 It's about right. It's one thing to gain publicity by being controversial but he doesn't manage it without being thick. But why is the Mail obliging him?
cant stand the man or his music and why is kate to blame it was just a rotten stupid joke that went wrong and some people of diffent culture feel shame in a ways us in uk dont 
I love Morrissey, but he's gone too far this time.
I just like to add he's not doing this for publicity, it's just the way he is. Watch some of his interviews, he's very political.
+Richard Brown So what makes you think it isn't for publicity. Do you know him that well? as for loving him, that's a bit strong
Jesus Christ! Firstly I love him, but I'm not stupid enough to agree with everything he says. But also said he's over stepped the mark. So what is your point? Try reading the whole thread in future!
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