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Royal hoax call nurse Jacintha Saldanha found hanged: but what’s this got to do with Keith Vaz? 
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who is he not seen him before mp for what
He would like to be Kim Jong-un, then he could do what he likes but because of this silly democracy thing he has to chase ambulances and photo-shoots with a lot of awful plebs with tragedies he could give a toss about to make the rest of us think what a very nice Dear Leader he would make.
Only in Britain could a man with as little worth as Keith vaz be an mp.

He is not even the mp for that area just a nasty piece of work using a grieving familys tragedy for his own ends.
He should have been locked up before now and banned from politics - slimeball
He should go and hang himself - not the most sensitive thing to say under the circumstances but what a toe-rag! And politicians wonder why we don't like them?
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