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Are doctors being greedy and unreasonable by striking? Join our debate here:
A strike has already been set for June 21. It will be the first time doctors have walked out in nearly 40 years and deals a major blow to ministers' hopes of resolving the dispute.
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I blame it on the slaughter of innocent calves and the televising of such nastiness by Channel 4.
There are some lazy GPs
Yes, GPs have a better pension than most people in the UK could ever dream of. Being a GP used to be a serious vocation, these days it's a 9 to 5, £100k+, make as much cash as you can job. This strike spits in the face of hard working tax payers that don't live in the lap of luxury.
im not sure how i feel about this preposed strike some ppl in the nhs deserve more maybe... but .. strikes by doctors that just seems so wrong ... the only people that will hurt is the sick
+Tracey Owen you said it right! What about their oath they took? Seems very... unreasonable because the highest priority for doctors, more than anything else should be the well being of their patients. They must all be disqualified lol.
No, they do an important and difficult job and get my complete support.
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