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Cafe offers festive dinner challenge featuring eight sausages and a kilo of turkey with all the trimmings -
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i was thinking of putting Christmas Dinner in a Stottie, funnily enough and mentioned it to my friend Becki only the other day.  
I'm glad to see that the US isn't the only place where massive amounts of food are wasted in a tribute to gluttony.
There's a soul food place in L.A. that sells a Thanksgiving dinner (with all the trimmings) sandwich... all year!
Urgh, that looks gross....
As long as it was being eaten by a group of people and not just one fat glutton then I don't see what's wrong with it. At least it's something different. 
That does not sound or look tasty enough for me to even consider trying the challenge. 
That looks like heaven! Maybe less greens... ;)
Omg I wish I had thought of that!!
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