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Murderers and drug dealer to get IVF in prison and you'll be paying! Criminals using European Human Rights laws to start families at taxpayers' expense -
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Oh wow. Well its a bad thing and good thing I guess.

Bad thing well because, c'mon its just bad.

Good thing it will open the eyes of the people who do the laws so loopholes like this wont happen in the future.

interesting topic will read and get back reminds of the criminal on death row ooh i am too fat to get executed did this person say thr same thing when he killed the lady that sent him to prison..sure they do time get excerise free medical free room free meals occassional stabbing sexual assaults etc 
Does this law court really have nothing else to do????
I wasn't aware prisoners had sex in prison other than when they forgot their soap on a roap so I'm not sure how IVF is going to help. 
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