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Two thugs have been jailed for robbing a schoolboy for just three pounds.
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hahahahahaha I'm going to go get myself robbed now ;)
S Mann
"Just three"?
Three or three million..If you're gonna do the pay the time.
Not nice for the tormented 14, year old is it.
Too many cunts in this cuntry
well done ... screw you low life criminals!!!! pick on someone of your own size!
Instead of blaming the convicts - why not blame the Government? 
Fuel prices and the cost of living is rising above the rate of inflation. 
Benefits are being cut and many people are not getting a pay rise this year. Those who were lucky to get a rise, have found that it is below the rate of inflation.  
The rich are getting richer and the poor are......... well.......having to steal money from Children. 
Welcome to the real world people.
Oh and for the rich - get ready because many more people are going to start stealing from you. 
Yeah because that stops scumbags from getting a job, it just makes it easier for them to say "why should I work when the government pays me to bra cunt"
The government need to target the cunts, they won't of course because they're not an easy target. As soon as I'm able I'm out of here. Leave the government to their scum
Oh and this has nothing to do with fuel prices, idiot. This would happen even if it was cheap.
Luke - I would have a Debate with you if you made sense in your comments. 

"Why should I work when the government pay me to bra cunt" 

That's .... be a. 

WTF are you dribbling on about Luke? And before you go calling people an idiot - you should look at yourself. 
It's called a typo which is then corrected in the next post, it doesn't take genius you know.
It does not take a genius to click on EDIT and correct your mistake. Sorry? Remind me again about who is an idiot? 
There is no edit on mobile app
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