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Couple with disabled boy slapped with £70 parking ticket as they carried him to their car outside their home
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Birmingham Council are disgusting, appalling attitude, time for change.
This is being blown out of proportion.  They could quite easily have sorted their son out, THEN brought the car round, straight away taken him to the car and driven off.  So I'm with the council on this one, their son is not an excuse to ignore rules.
Wow! we've got a Mr. Perfect on here (Barry Smith).
But +Barry Smith it says out side thier home...Im not sure if it was appropriate issuing that fine??? but then if that's the case, a court can sort it easily. ...unless the daily mail not stating all the facts. .
+abou adam The Daily Mail not stating all the facts (or deliberately pushing one side of the story), surely you must be mistaken ;)  My point was that (according to the article) they brought the car outside their home, then spent time getting their son ready, which you don't do if you're allowed to park in this road.  You make sure that everyone is ready, THEN get the car.
Like to find the warden that did that and wish them a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Happened to us one year outside the GP when my daughter couldn't breathe due to a severe asthma attack. No ammount of reasoning with the warden helped." You park on yellow lines you get a ticket" is all she kept repeating. My reply? "Happy New Year to you and all"
No Parking on the Yellow Line _ is not a suggestion, it's the law. Plain and simple. 
You weren't there to see my child going blue in the face cos of breathing difficulties. I was more concerned for her than yellow lines or the traffic law for that matter.What sort of parent would you be if you wasted time like that. So keep your stupid idiotic comments to yourself
Piss off . You are the moron that parked in the wrong place and had to pay a fine!  I will continue to express my opinions. Your lack of intelligence is obvious ,as is your ignorance about raising children. 
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