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A start would be to stop generalisations like "the radicalisation of British Muslims". What do you reckon the percentage is of radicals in the muslim community - a percent or less? Probably very similar to the percentage of Radical Christians or Radical Jews.
S Mann
+Roger Walsh fantastic! glad to see there are some people with a good head on thier shoulders!
sad thing is +S Malik that it really doesn't take much effort to just step back, pause and think about what you are being asked. I wish everyone would just pause for thought when they digest information of any kind. A lot can be read into what information is left out of headlines and stories in my opinion.
But how many of these radical Jews are in court accused of attempting to murder 2000 people in britain?
They don't have an issue with our foreign policy, in fact it's pretty supportive of their aims. That's not the point I was making though. We talk about the radicalisation of Muslims as if every Muslim is a potential threat. What I'm suggesting is that it's a very small percentage so the argument is framed wrong. A better argument would be to ask why people on the margins of society are being radicalised. It's not just Muslims that are a potential threat to our security. I've had radical unionists protesting daily down the road from me, supported by the BNP. These people are as great a threat to stability.
S Mann
+Roger Walsh I'd like to jump in and support what you're saying but you seem to be hitting the right notes on your own.well said
Your contradicting yourself now your saying we don't have radical Jews in the UK that want to do harm as we support their aims.
Which would mean that your first statement is wrong or that my point is completely vaild.

The original debate made by the paper stands how do you stop the radicalisation of British Muslims as weather or not we have radical sikhs, Hindus or Buddhist's in this country it is the radical Muslims that seem to want to commit acts of terrorism and surely anything that we stop that is a good thing and all the paper is trying to do is have a debate about it.
S Mann
+Ryan Barlow did you miss the first few links I posted in this thread or are you going to do your selective reading?

Are we to assume that radicalism is only instilled and growing amongst Muslims just because the daily mail says so?
5 different sources in my post earlier shows homegrown terrorism amongst non Muslim radicals. Is that not worthy of a debate? Should we only be worried about who the daily mail points at?
As @Roger Walsh said, a better argument would be to ask why people on the margins of society are being radicalized. Just because you don't get to hear in tabloid junk about something, doesn't mean it's not happening.

I didn't say we don't have radical Jews, just that they are not a threat to the security of the uk. It was a poor argument but my point is still valid.

This debate is about how to stop the radicalisation of Muslims and I'm just saying a good start would be to stop focusing on one community. There are minorities within all our communities who are now jobless, under educated and bored. Bad combination and easy targets for the Nationalists, Islamists, socialists, and all the other ists we could do without.
Oh and you say only radical Muslims want to cause terror? More than 100 police officers were hurt in Belfast in the past 2 months. It was pretty terrifying at times. That was a few hundred young Christians, not a Muslim amongst them.

Now, I'm not stupid enough to believe any of those men are truly religious and that's the point I'm making.

There are plenty of radical elements in society that want to stir shit up. The reason you think it's only radical Muslims is because that's how the debate is framed.

We need to reframe to debate. That's how we start to fix things.
But the problem is that its that one community who are most likely to cause home grown terrorism in the UK.

No one can deny that its Islamic terrorists who are more likely to commit terrorism than the jobless or the merely bored.

So are we not right to prioritize the greatest threat?
I don't think its only radical Muslims I am just pointing out that the next major act of terrorism in the UK is likely to come from that source.
S Mann
+Roger Walsh

Surprised Mr Barlow has been accusing me of being a bigot and a racist in another thread.

Damn.can you say double standards?
Xenophobic news from the daily mail...slow day on the kim kardashian front I guess
Muslims belong in their own countries. Grow some balls and load them onto airplanes and boats and send them home.
You are a racist anyone who plus ones a statement that says all Israelis are murderers is a scumbag.

And yet you moan about generalisations?

You also don't seem able to tell the difference between racism and the truth every time someone trys to have a debate about Islam you shout racism. Would love to know what I have wrote on this thread that could be racism?

The fact that the most likely source of terrorism in the UK would come from Muslims?

That is not racism that is a fact. Recent history proves it.

S Mann
+Ryan Barlow so if you are anti Islamic it's fine, but if you don't agree with Israel building illegal settlements, it's racist and anti Semitic??? (and that's from the UN, not even my personal opinion!!!) Gold star for you.

I think you're delusional mate.

You're so called facts are from the same makers of Iraq having wmods.
I'd love to see some statistics on your facts btw.and don't bother if it's sourced from a tabloid.
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