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London to Manchester in one hour (in 20 years time): High speed rail route to the north is unveiled
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London to Manchester in 20 years + 1 hr. High Speed indeed!
If this can be brought in on time and on budget then it sets the wheels in motion to start attracting more business to the North to allow for growth in all sectors...however I doubt £32b or £1k for every household is enough and this may run into £60b.....and unless managed correctly could take 30/40 years to complete...
Rail is the future of connecting the dots to our small island, cars are a doomed way of life, pointless and expensive in the long term for the user who will have to pay for the roads they use.
London to Manchester in one hour? No frigging way :-)
Is that true? U pay to use the roads?
"rail is the future" sounds funny hearing that in 2013. We had a railway once it got ripped up and sold off years ago. They said it was a great mistake then and still do now. We are years behind in rail, that money should be spent on upgrading the existing rail network
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