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bloody israel killing inocent people,now where are those NGOs who talk about human rights have they gone blind,shame on you obama you are the real evil in this world who is supporting these israelis
Gaza is riddled with terrorists. They need to be rooted out.
+Wesley Roach You can't kill terrorism with a gun, or a jail. Also the idea that 8000 in 1'500'000 means Gaza is riddled with terrorists is frankly embarrassing.

One fifth of all the people in the Gaza strip are pregnant... 
One third are children...

Get your facts straight before talking rubbish.
Israel has a right to defend themselves. Hamas only have themselves to blame for the bloodshed.
The bloodshed in Gaza began years before Hamas were even conceived. 

The longer the West and Israel refuse to recognise Hamas as a legitimate elected government, and continue labelling them "Terrorists" and "Militants" when in reality their grievances are totally justified the longer this war will go on. Through out the years both sides are actually guilty of 'intentionally' targeting and killing civilians, not just Hamas but Zionism has also done horrific things.

Furthermore the Israelis need to improve trade relations as Gaza is not a sovereign state, its a besieged region much like an open prison, above ground nothing goes in and out with Israel knowing, and the people of Gaza have been under a long term blockade which is subjecting them to conditions of severe poverty. The end of this illegal blockade is the only way a cease fire will be imminent. 
Hamas is not a legitimate government. They are a terrorist cell. 
Of course you'd stoop to throwing insults. Have a nice day, sir.
+Bradford Clemens I have actually, it's the disney channel they parody not sesame street.

It is possible to feel sympathy for the brainwashed people of Israel, and the brainwashed people of Palestine. Both corrupted by their militarised, religiously extreme governments.

What i don't get is Israel's cheerleaders. 
I think they really just hate Islam.
Is making kids go to military camps and writing messages on bombs okay with you?
Is there any reason for Hamas to fire rockets close to schools and residential areas?

Do they deliberately put civilians and children in danger so they can use casualties for propaganda purposes?

Are we right to speak to Hamas and palestinians as one and the same?

Did Hamas really expect Israel to do nothing after they fired rockets indiscriminately into their cities?
+Bradford Clemens Your refusal to condemn outright the brainwashing of children has revealed your bias.

It is easy to condemn Israel
It is easy to condemn Palestinian militants

It is impossible to explain why some people only do one.
Hamas hides weapon caches inside of civilian buildings. If you're going to be pointing fingers- point them at Hamas. They antagonize Israel, then cry foul when Israel is forced to retaliate to protect their own citizens. Their pin-point strikes are designed to reduce collateral damage. Yes, civilians have died, and yes, that is unfortunate. But this is war. Hamas keeps firing their rockets. Israel has a right to uphold their sovereignty as a nation. If Hamas would cease their attacks, then their people would have far less chance of being caught in crossfire. Israel is not striking first. They are defending themselves. Plain and simple.
Steven G: The land belongs to who live there. So who does England belong to? The Welsh call it 'Lost Lands.' So should we all frig off back to North Germany if they decide to fire rockets at us?

The Palestinians and Israelis will need to learn to live together but that isn't going to happen when extreme terrorist groups are in charge.

Try not to confuse Hamas with Palestinian. The two are different.
+Richard Winnington The land was taken by force, illegally. Why can't the israelis just go back to what they were given?
Why can't they both coexist on the same land? We don't pick on the Welsh who live in England, though there are some backward parts of Wales would definitely not welcome any English.

Therein lies the problem. Religious zealotry and blind nationalism are the province of the poor and backward. I don't see Hamas pursuing policies that will improve the lot of the people they supposedly represent otherwise they won't go on supporting them.

Which is why another band of Islamic 'freedom fighters' shot a fifteen-year-old girl for the 'crime' of wanting to go to school.
+Richard Winnington Are you genuinely just going to ignore the exact same problems on the Israeli side?

If France was firing rockets from school yards at the UK and the UK fired back who would be in the wrong?

It's a no win situation.

Gaza and Israel is a no win situation. 
You are only capable of blaming one party, when both are wrong. And not only that you are siding with the bigger party.

Please explain how any small incompetent militia can be that dangerous. I realise you'll simply try to brush it off and deny it, but it's fact. Only the US and racists support Israel, the rest of us see it as the piece of shit occupier it is.
+Steven G right so you are saying the almost the entire world is racist because they side with Israel and the middle east is the only area that isn't ? 
Kate Allan: Good point, except both Britain and France have come a long way from Agincourt. We don't go to war because we have too much to lose.

It's only a no-win situation if we allow politically motivated people to take over and use the race card, as happened in places like Rwanda, Bosnia and the Middle East - call them what you may, communists, fascists, or islamists they all want to same thing and can only achieve that through creating instability and poverty.

By calling people he doesn't agree with 'racists' I think Steven G has given himself away.
+Kate Allan Pretty much no-one anywhere outside America sides with Israel. Government diplomacy often fails to represent the people...

My post above was aimed at +Richard Winnington, for clarity.
+Richard Winnington I only say it is a no win situation because innocent people get killed no matter what. I know that situation would never happen just saying that if you put it in your own country it changes your perspective a little bit I think.

+Steven G I think you will find there are very few countries that side with Palestine. If you do a google search you will see that the EU, Canada, Australia, Russia, and China just to name a few side with Israel. I'm not saying either side is right or wrong just pointing out that the US is not alone with their support of Israel. 
Israel has waited long enough. They should march in and put an end to this terrorist nonsense.
+Kate Allan Most countries in the EU are calling for a ceasefire from both sides.
Seshadri Dhanakoti: Quite agreed. It's sad that the people in Gaza were driven to put these monsters in power. All help must be given to lift them out of their desperate situation and if needs be, to persuade the Israelis to share the land without partitioning and not rely on the extreme religious minorities who are not much better.

None of this can be possible without first destroying groups like Hamas who are only interested in wiping them out for racial and religious purposes.
The Russians support Assad's right to slaughter his people because he allows them naval bases. Are they a good example to use?
Haha +Richard Winnington you were okay when they 'supported' Israel [which they never done] but now they want ceasefire from both sides you think they are a bad example.
+Richard Winnington I think there is more to it than just destroying Hamas. The Palestinians must be forced to adopt the successful Turkish model. A secular society fully supported by state and citizens is the only way forward. Once this happens, people will see each other as people and not though the coloured glasses of barbaric cults and preachers. Most problems at such a point will be resolved through the sheer human creativity and problem solving aptitude....and therein lies the problem. Is the dim witted and brainwashed Palestinian population as a whole capable of it or can be trained without relapsing into religious and cult personality myopia?
I can't see a solution otherwise. These terrorists live by force and cruelty and respect nothing but force. It is sad but no escaping the fact. Nothing warranted launching rockets into civilian population. It is unforgivable. You are right, the first step is to eliminate terrorists and their fertile grounds.

+Steven G Everyone wants a cease fire. That in itself doesn't mean they support either country. For you to think otherwise would indicate that you really don't want to know the real facts just the facts that suit your opinion.
Seshadri Dhanakoti: can't add any more to that.

Steven G: I don't recall ever supporting the Russians but I'm sure you'll correct me on that. As for a ceasefire, if it just allows Hamas to regroup  and smuggle in more rockets, then I don't think a ceasefire will do anything other than prolong the killing.

The Palestinians must be shown a better way that supporting terror groups and the Israelis must help them. But you can go on with your tribal conflicts if it makes you happy.
Winter 2005?

I want Putin saying he supports Israel, a quote or a video will do fine.
+Steven G why are you so badly harping on the Russians? The fact of the matter is, on the public face, most of the governments ask for ceasefire regardless. This is a standard canned response. Russians have Israelites in common on Chechnya and the the common terrorist hotbeds they like to eliminate. You can certainly get past these political semantics and see through the facts yourself? Or can you, actually? I am asking because you say you come from Glasgow and sport a Kalashnikov/AK47 on your profile picture. Says a lot about you. Go on, which part of these political mechanization do you not understand? 
+Kate Allan That is economic.

I want support from anyone other than the US for the blockade and occupation.
+Steven G no I am not. I am also suspicious of Islamist cloaking as some naive leftist with a Christian name. 
+Seshadri Dhanakoti You are quite paranoid. 

What does heralding from Glasgow say about me?
Also do you still think my avatar is in some way related to my political and social beliefs?

Or do I just like dubstep>?
+Steven G quite a lot. Just profile the region.
Besides, you are shying away from the main topic and questions because....? Certainly, more than one vector is possible in a single post, can't it?
Or are you now so utterly convinced of Hamas gullibility? 
+Seshadri Dhanakoti I'm not involved in your crazy war.

I dislike Hamas terrorists just as much as I dislike anyone else who kills people based on such things as religion.
I don't think cherry-picking from the internet convinces anyone. It's the sort of ploy used by those who believe god was an astronaut and that concentration camps never existed.
+Steven G lol you need to step into reality. Good luck on your skewed perception of reality. I hope it works out for you ;) 
Steven G: Once again you're not listening. There wouldn't be so many dead kids if Hamas didn't put them in the firing line so they can use them for propaganda purposes.
+Richard Winnington So it is Hamas fault for Israel dropping bombs on them, and that is why 11 people died, none of whom are involved with Hamas,

+Steven G good of you to say that you are not involved in the crazy war. Just imagine if the Palestinians took this view and focussed their energy fiercely into economy, education and scientific competition much like the Germans and the Japanese did after the second world war?
If that link you sent were not to have happened, Hamas should not have fired rockets into civilian populations. If the Palestinians did not support Hamas and kicked them and their ilk out, peace will have a real standing ground.
Before you dig into history blaming Israel, had those Arab governments been religious colour glass free and not invaded nascent Israel, it would have been a much smaller country now, a lot of dead people would have lived and the region may have never known war. See? Cause and effect. Hamas, had it any brains at all, would not be prodding this cause and effect leading to the death of more people.
Terrorists are terrorists. They are cruel and live for cruelty.
See if you can do much better supporting civilized and ending terrorism. You then won't have to see the links you sent us.
No sane person would ever call the barbaric siege of Gaza and occupation of the West Bank 'justice' for the crimes committed by Hamas, Al Qassam or any other Palestinian militia.
+Steven G your postulate is pathetic. Israel is just defending itself. Try leaving it alone for a few decades and see for yourself. The big question, is there any wit and competency amongst its pathological adversaries for thinking peace? Three wars, refugees and misery later, the Israelis are progressive in economy, science, engineering and innovation not to speak on quality of life. Inspite and despite the terrorists. Even the 25% Arab population in Israel don't want to get out of the country for the afforded economic luxury. This Israel is a terrorist to you. You are truly bigoted. Great show! 
Obama how would it feel if your family was bombed and died all of them u wount be laghing then your worse then bush 
The Conversation Above Is Really immature! The Main Point Is That Jews Have choose To invade A Small Part Of Arabs Land, They Have Choose To Be In This Situation, In Mean Time Palestinian Arabs  Are Not Willing To Stop Till Take Their Land Back. 

Here, We Have Burma Has Kicked Muslims From Their Land I Mean From Burma Land! Almost Every Non Muslim Are Happy! Or No Bother...

Also Please Let Me High Light That Jews Are Allowed To Get All The Help Including  Strong Weapon, While Poor Palestine Are Not Allowed To Get Any Support Or Weapon.

Logically & Simply If Jews Are Unhappy Of The Unfair Attack Of Who Ever Is Attack Them From Time To Time...Well They (Jews) Are Very Welcome To Leave Arabs Land, Let Me Count Them To You: Big Part Of Palestine, A Part Of Egypt, A Part Of Jordan, A Part Of Syria, I'M Not Sure If They Taking Part Of Lebanon. 

And For Those Who Are British I Have To Say That While Most Of You Don't Believe God, But Still Believe On "What Go Round Comes Around" I Suggest That Be Careful In Judging Palestine As The Bad One! You Might Be In Their Position One Day. Who Knows! Then Some Immature Will Judge You As The Bad One. Thanks.
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