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This remarkable picture shows a baby yawning in the womb. It is one of dozens taken by Durham University researchers who were fascinated by whether foetuses yawn and, if so, why they do it.
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Back as medical student in 1980's it was accepted wisdom that foetus in womb yawning was sign of diaphragm activity and essential for healthy development of the lungs and respiratory system. Any idea what new information is being described by Durham in 2012 which is 30 years later?
"Some academics believe that rather than yawning in the womb, babies are simply opening and closing their mouths."

That's what I was thinking! 
Yawning is a "diaphragm stretch" Cannot see how it can be any different in the womb.
I Used To Think Babies Play Football As Well ,Yawning Is Normal Thing Isn't It??
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