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It's called a free press for a reason, Mr Clegg: Fury as 'Liberal' leader calls journalists 'self-appointed detectives' for exposing scandal he and his party covered up -
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I am full of shame that I cast my vote for the lib dems. Sigh :O
Who does Clegg feel he is? someone above the truth? Maybe at last the charade of politics is damming the whole lot, maybe the press is justifying itself.
When you read what he said in context he basically saying let the police do their job and find out what happened and for the press to let them.

Its a dam good job that we have a Free Press to expose the wrong doings .No one should be above the Law.If it is obeyed then no one has anything to fear.Even the Police are subject to it .The People need to know what their polititions are up to.Right or Wrong its what Democracy is all about.Power to the People .Let the voters say it for all of us in the election on Thursday...If anyone doesnt like it then better go to Pyongyang or some other Totalitarian state and stand on that rostrum!...If politicians cant stand the heat then they should get out of the Sleaze kitchen!
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