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Biannca Lake, 28, who once auditioned for X Factor with a girl group called Dice, reveals she's slept with 200 men. But the wannabe singer and former stripper denies that she's a slut and says people who criticised her are 'just jealous'
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as long as she has a note from her doctor..I'm in...;^)
what a sad story iam 18 but i have never had sex with anyone
Hey Eunicemore, not sad at all, your just waiting for the right guy and your marriage will last.
thanks but i feel pit for my fellow who had sex with 200 guy
Sometimes the choices we make we have to live with, it is what we do with our lives after that matters.
There is nothing wrong with what she did and is doing. Good for her for being able to do what she wants. No one is telling you to sleep with her, but anyone who judges her for that really isn't open-minded at all.
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