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13-month-old Bobby Bushell died from meningitis because doctors ignored his mother: Instinct told her that her son was gravely ill - but she was dismissed as hysterical -
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Desava se - SVUDA :(( 
Relativizacija? Ne, cinjenica.
Just goes to show... always, ALWAYS trust your instinct when it comes to your kids' health and demand action. When one of my daughters was a few months old she contracted the rota virus. Initially her constant white diahorrea and listlessness was dismissed by a doctor at the end of a phone as 'just a bug she would get over and of course she was tired, it was 3am!' Also, according to him, a child of that age would take around 8 days to become dehydrated. Thank goodness, I knew better and got her to the hospital in time. A first time mum might well have heeded the doctor's advice. Professional? Really?
+1 not because I like to see this sort of thing, but because it is becoming more common. This is an unfortunate event which should have been easily prevented.
Unfortunately the trend these days is for doctors to be dispensers of drugs rather than treaters of disease. There are individual doctors who agree with this and those who don't. Still, when all medical school teaches is how to dispense drugs rather than to think there are bound to be problems.
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