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How's that for good karma? Homeless man who returned diamond engagement ring to woman after it fell into his cup receives over $100k in donations from well-wishers -
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What a fantastic story. Faith in human race restored :)
What goes around comes around, nice outcome!
Why can't there be more people like this !?!
Apparently there are still beautiful people out there, seems as though they may just be hiding.
'Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.'
Rob Fig
Just do not use that lenguage +Hunter Hicks . Calm down and keep it clean.
what more can we ask 4?change right! a Complete change from all this
We all did this atleast once in our lives. Today's society and bullying causes us to forget what good really means. Be positive and be kind, then we will all be giving to eachother.
This is proof that not all humanity is naturally evil. Nothing to do with religion which isn't automatically good either.
AMEN!!! This Song Is making Me cry! its so nice
Rob Fig
God Blesses all +Katherine Lowe . But we are wrong-mostly- and wretched without HIM. We just do not know it.
Shut up about god and his blessings. The man returned it because its the right thing to do, not because some ghost whispered in his ear. 
+Rob Fig (ok bless me if you want thanks) you think whatever you want. What about all the evil done in God's name? (even by the Pope himself in ww2 when he handed over innocents to nazis). Is that God's will to?

Why oh why are people not allowed to see the good in themselves and religion is there to take credit for the good and make excuses for for the bad.

This man gave something back when he listened to his conscious. It was no more gods will than it was when he found himself on the streets. 
It must be gods blessing that the man is homeless as well!!
God had nothing to do with this.  I guess god is responsible for the majority of the world starving.
Rob Fig
You need to open your eyes +David Kuo & +Robert Sheppard  . You need repentance and deliverance. You are the example of what i said above. "Have eyes and do not see, ears and do not hear". Read the Book.
Rob Fig
Faith will +Robert Sheppard . God feeds the birds of the air!. How much more He cares for us!, for you Robert.
Rob Fig
+Katherine Lowe . I would like to ask that man why he returned the ring-poor as he was- I can almost say he would give the glory of his action to GOD!. Not himself.
Things like this gives me hope humanity. 
Rob Fig
"Harris has spoken out about the attention he has received since returning the ring. 'I like it, but I don't think I deserve it,' he told KCTV."
+Rob Fig you can almost say? Wonderful way of talking for him lol. I'm not going to detract from this wonderful act of HUMAN kindness so I'll refrain. Please though I implore you for that same reason stop making assumptions that in reality you have no way of actually knowing and trying to detract from the topic of this man's kindness. Bless you as well xx
I would have liked to know more about Harris--like his story and how he became homeless.  Does he have any family?  Hopefully someone trustworthy in his life can help him manage the money and make some wise choices for himself like a good place to stay.  Hopefully, all of this will lead to a fresh start for him.
said the world still has some hope left...good still prevails!
Rob Fig
Glory to God. He does marvelous things and uses common men like me and Mr Harris. He is being Blessed thru men by God. Indeed. +Navinash Persaud 
Tru...nd haman faith restored....
Even though his homeless, he gave it back. His a a here and I'm proud of him
hey +Rob Fig did you hear about the passage that says "have mouth, but need to shut the F up!" ?  haha check it. No need to bring your fairy spirit into every trite occurrence.  
Rob Fig
See the video +David Kuo , then continue making a fool of yourself if you wish.
Karma is alive and well. It does come back to you, whether good or bad. It'll take much more to restore my faith in mankind, but this helps. Thamx for the pic.

Rob Fig
+Orlando Nando . see the video in the link i posted. Do not despair, there is hope.
Wish that could happen to me but so cool it is about time a good person comes around 
see wen U do GOOD GOOD comes back a 100x
The sad part is he shouldn't have to live on donations of any kind; we should take care of people. Most homeless have mental disorders that disable them from functioning enough to maintain a job. We as nation had this social safety net but sadly many institutions were closed and continue to close from lack of state funding and cutbacks.
Very very very difficult to remain honest and really human when it matters the most.
We salute u.
Put casisville in experiment of homeless green village as a name
God Gives Gifts and Picks the Giver.
I hope the homeless guy is good at handling large sums of money responsibly and he puts it all into sensible investments...
Great for him god bless in many ways
+Pat Pope it would be good to know more about Billy if you check the give forward website updates are being giving... and I do hope he gets the advice and support to prosper from this heart warming goodwill.

Why people have to mention God though, don't get confused between human goodwill to fellow men and the generally absent supreme being the planet would love to see...
Just because someone is homeless and poor doesn't mean their not honest, and this is a good example of what being honest is, and he's black, give him credit for being a honest human , and a good person, God will bless him many times over
Holy bible bangers batman!!
Now he become millionaires
Are we heading back to the days of right is right and it just seems normal to do what is right
Just a figure of speech I guess, though I do believe in the great creator, and we all are his or her children, peace
Tim P
U are amazing
You don't have to be a Christian to do good things in the world.....just a good person

GODs angeles, can take any form. That homeless person may be blessing . We must never pre judge ever.
I though this was a fake story at first, but I saw it on the news it's real. God bless him, I hope he doesn't squander away the money, I'm sure there a wolves in the waiting to relieve him of that money.
'What I actually feel like is, "what has the world come to when a person who returns something that doesn't belong to him and all this happens?'" he said.

Still, it does show that there still is good in the world... nice to have a reminder once in a while :-) 
yeah, thats so kind
Thats what im talking about people don't walk away (people take note on this yall should do this) nice people
cool move dude really seriously that is so nice
Thank you God , their are still people here on earth that your holy spirit still lives threw.

+Lawrence Calloway humans have moralities because its a common instinct - it doesn't require intervention from a mythological being - whom cult followers DONT seem to possess these same moralities.
i can simply newton third law..
no.of good people on earth = no. of bad people on earth.
(assuming earth to be in the frame.)
Good for him...he deserves all those donations and then some!
There's goodness left in humans....
Is the Samuel Jackson? More to do with the Oscars or George Lucas? JK JK
So humanity still exists.. Great...
I wish he uses the money wisely.. 
aaand he spent all that on the booze..
+Ricardo Cunha Seriously dude?  The man does the right thing, then people return that kindness...and you see it as a chance to make such an ignorant statement...likely veiled in racism.  <sarcasm>'re an awesome human being.</sarcasm>
Humanity needs ppl like these & their stories to survive. 
Amazing story hope he looks after his 100k he deserves every penny
Hey david kuo if you dont believe in God keep it to yourself, let people express their views. No one likes it when you tell someone to shut up because they believe in God
100.000$ ? For giving back an engagement ring?!? I gave back 4.769$ back to the IRS cause they booked it in my account by mistake. Not even a lousy thank you. F this. 
+Andrew D you are not homeless and do good not expecting good to be done to you, just do good and walk away!
A great story. As for the comments, the only thing I find more offputting than forcing scripture upon others are atheists forcing their lack of religion upon others. Some believe and some do not. Some think they'll be rewarded with heaven after death and others do not. Be confident enough in your beliefs to keep them to yourselves. 
+Zak Masri I agree people shouldn't be derogatory to people's beliefs in any shape or form, but it's ironic you're telling someone to keep theirs to themselves when it comes to religion, crazy. As I've said it's illogical and irrational to start bringing religion onto this thread and spoiling what is a brilliant example of humanity at its best
You are an Inspiration to us all Mr Billy Ray :-)
+Noones Terry
Still don't you think the money from the IRS is much more than the ring? And I ain't asking for money or anything, just a simple 'thanx'
But then again. 100k is too much for someone to get for nothing really. 
So? I'm unemployed. Lol
That is so nice. Yeah he's a bum but he could have used the money - did the right thing and gets rewarded. In our world now who would have given it back? I think this is a great story.
Awww that's really sweet of him to do that.. appreaciate the honesty, instead of the bad stuffs... #Kudos 
I hope he can buy himself a nice house and drink some wine and relax. Poor guy finally catches a break, I love you America
me too but i would not want him to drink wine its not good for him
Homeless people are negatively viewed by society. This act of kindness and honesty will hopefully change society's view.
Rob Fig
He valued and respected his own relationship with GOD!. That was foremost in his mind. Not what men think of him-Mr Harris did-. +Kasule joseph bert 
most people just are like ew then they are on the streets
Nice to see Christian fundamentalism taking a great human story as confirmation they are on the right side of religious spectrum.....please let's just celebrate the kindness shown by the guy.
whats so shocking... we all know panhandlers make it good
he was so nice..... i wish him well later on!
Still there a good people in this world
Rob Fig
His Parents were ministers of The Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the reason behind his actions. See the video on the link i provided so you can verify what i said. +jb cast & +Rajeev Mohata 
I guess he just knew that if he chose to do the right thing, that something positive would come out of it. Sometimes, to get a little love; you need to GIVE a little love. That's one way to gain good karma. 
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