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Today's front page: Now you can sue over flight delays: Landmark ruling will mean payouts for hold-ups over 3 hours

DEBATE: Should delayed holiday-makers be able to sue airlines for delays?
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Sue .. Yeh, that's the answer to everything these days isn't it. The Airlines are providing a service, sometimes life happens, and things don't go to plan. Why is it so hard for people to accept. I recently had a terrible time with Emirates, am I going to sue ?? NEVER .. am I going to use them again ...??? NEVER ! .. 

The only winners are the lawyers.
+Paul Garland You already get compensation from train companies if your train is more than half-hour late.
S Mann
Airlines should compensate when they are at fault.Simple. what the hell is this sue business.
+Francis Anderson hit the nail on the head with your last line
I'm talking having no where to sit and toilets that are not fit for human habitation you pay for the comfort of a train journey not half measures and let's face it all they do is keep increasing the fares...
+Paul Garland depending what journey your doing you book a seat in advance. If you turn up on the day of travel and buy a ticket from London to Edinburgh don't be surprised if you can't get a seat. The railway is already nearly full to capacity to the amount of trains that are on the track. Besides more trains doesn't always reduce capacity on other trains. As people going to work will always get the latest train they can to get to work. Each train could do with at least an extra carriage. Toilets on the other hand, all I'll say is I'm glad I'm male so I can stand up. If you've ever had the misfortune of traveling on FCC, their toilets are hardly ever cleaned before departing. But this is what happens when you put shareholders before customers and staff.
Leighton interesting but my big gripe is that customers pay a fortune for there tickets and are not guaranteed a seat it is as if we run a third world railway network at excessive prices. And as for shareholders profit first customers last...thanks for the explanation :-) 
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