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Piers' EXPLOSIVE showdown with the man who wants to deport him: Sparks fly as CNN host discusses gun control with Alex Jones

Watch the video here:
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Out-gunned by a looney-fringe Republican. That's got to be a new low!
I don't like Piers Morgan, but he is totally right.
Morgan won't be laughing when he does get deported to face charges of phone hacking.
wow nutbag.  I love how passionate people be about things and not life.
It wasn't what Morgan thought about guns that got him in hot water, it was that he was rude and very unprofessional, which did not do his argument any favours at all.

And quite honestly, I'll be as vulgar as I want. Morgan's ilk are no longer in power and it's nice to be able to talk freely without self-righteous thought police telling you what you can and cannot say.
+Jamie Edwards Yes, the marketing side of the gun argument smells quite strong, thank you.

I may be vulgar but I'm not stupid.
S Mann
Could have been a fantastic deate if alex allowed him to speak. He was on the backfoot from the word go and i dont blame him. Network agendas are hard to predict
Yes, the Republican looney fringe tend to do this quite a lot. Our equivalent is Labour though even Bully-Balls isn't as oafish as this character.

But what do you expect from a movement that still believes in the Adam-and-Eve version of where we began and burning witches is OK?
But we're all agreed that burning witches is perfectly acceptable though aren't we?

Many others have commented on the strange irony of this slightly disturbed gentleman expressing a powerful mistrust of "the government" whilst using FBI produced statistics to back up several of his arguments.
Watched the clip. ..Alex Jones hijacked the show of piers....

Jones win
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