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There really is a foot of snow! Britain blanketed as drivers face nightmare conditions... and it's going to keep falling for FOUR DAYS -
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Already fed up of this weather. I hate winter!! 
Me too! But it's a bit over exaggerated, they say Britain were prepared! What a joke!
This country never is prepared, two winters in a row now we've had bad snow, and as usual everything grinds to a halt!! 
Can't really complain here it's disruptive but I like my seasons.
Seasons!!! We have ours all in one day lol!
On my walk yesterday everyone I passed acknowledged you and exchanged pleasantries this does not occur as much in fine weather!
I don't understand why people are freaking out... It's not even that much snow! 
Also - That poor owl in the article....
Man-Up people, it's snow not volcanic lava FFS! 
In Britain 2CM of snow is second only to the apocalypse
So long as we get paid on snow days, things will never change lol... 
The driver of that audi a4 pictured is a bit a twit driving that car with all that snow on it!! "Look at me driving with a tiny peephole" 
I do hope the driver is prosecuted for dangerous driving.....
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