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Daccari Buchelli
Buchelli Books. Where Fantasy Comes to Life.
Buchelli Books. Where Fantasy Comes to Life.

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Phoenix (Revised Edition) Book Blog Tour.
Coming MAY 1st - 15th. Reviews, Giveaways & more. #fantasy #books #bookworms #youngadultbooks #magic

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I just had to post this again.

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Rhythmic Circles
I raced over the water
I see trees, they have faltered,
I see the chalk-broken hill-
I see life’s burden layers
And my broken will.

I stare at the algae
The brown beneath the blue
That stretches on forever
There’s nothing left to do.

But when I slowed,
My eyes moved forward
The land’s pointing up.
I see the hill’s patterns now-
The turquoise ocean hue.
I see the trees’ resilience-
Void of luxury.

I see life’s rhythmic circles
And all the things to do.

Original Poem © 2017 David Persaud
Video & Photo Credits:
Music by: Rhapsody in Lieu of Etude – Cullah

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My Top 5 Bookish Pet Peeves

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The Phoenix Book Blog Tour comes to T's Stuff. #fantasy   #books   #blogging  

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Recommended for lovers of the paranormal. #paranormal   #books  

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Chameleon, by Zoe Kalo (Review)
A Young Adult / Paranormal tale that visits the theme of human psychology. After being kicked
out of her last high school, Paloma finds herself stuck in a
convent/boarding school where nuns teach more than just biology and
languages. Cruelty runs amock, but...

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