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+Carlos Fernández ha escrito sobre distintos proyectos de código abierto en el que el español está presente:
+SunPy está entre ellos! (+Jose Iván Campos y tú también).

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of SunPy - 0.6.0 "Thesis".

The major changes in this release are:

* Most functions throughout the SunPy code base now expect Astropy Quantity objects, and return Astropy Quantity objects.

* Python 2.6 support has ended, we do not expect this release to work under Python 2.6.

* Sample data has been removed from SunPy but helpers for downloading sample data have been added to

* TimeRange has a new property based API, e.g. start and end are now properties.

* SunPy colormaps are now registered with matplotlib, allowing their use from imshow and similar functions after the import of

* Solar rotation calculation functionality has been added, along with functionality to de-rotate MapCubes.

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Awesome!! Tools that uses SunPy!!

Congratulations +Jose Iván Campos 
It's a pleasure for me to share with you my first international publication... Like said one of my advisor Utz Dominik "now you are an official member of the scientific community... with your first publication". Thanks Dom, Santiago Vargas and Professor Benjamín Calvo

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Nice, very nice!

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Nice, very nice!

I'm not a teacher... or I don't consider myself as a proper one (yet)- I've never had to teach a course, but as part of my job (research) I have to teach some bits to different students of diverse age groups so and then.  So, for me was not a vocational at all... however, I think I like it. During the last year I've been trying to learn more about the *art* of "teaching" (Yeah, I think it's an art more than anything), and I find it that it's not anything of other world - anyone, dedicate enough, can learn it (and enjoy it).
Some learn teaching earlier than others, some by curiosity - even unconsciously while explaining things to his/her classmates - others by need (the only job opportunity after certain degree; eg. researchers that have to teach as part of their contract in a university).  Therefore, I think the distinction of vocation/profession comes.  Both can be really good but they need to have the motivation for it... and sometimes, just seeing that just only one of the students have learnt from you can bring that motivation up (and hopefully improve to make all learn). #OCL4Ed  

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I've just watched +Stephen Downes's  intro video for #OCL4ed and made me think in conspiracy (not much... but enough).  I'm a researcher and as such I've been always in support of #openaccess / #openscience.  I see advantages everywhere, science will evolve faster, scientist around the world could re-run the experiments, etc... - of course, a lot of editorials will have to change their models... but that's nothing new in evolution.

Now, I had never thought in Open Education too much... I was seeing as a natural extension of open science.  However, when Stephen mentioned about costs to government stroke me the idea that governments (in most of the countries I've been) have the absolute control of primary and secondary eduction.  In my country of origin the education has been changed every time the government does... So, I don't think they are worried about material costs but about control. 
I'm not hopeless though, like to see how in countries like Finland they take education more seriously and thinking on the long term... plus they also support openness.

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Classify #Sunspots and help us to understand how ugly a sunspot have to look in order to make #solarflares.
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