How do I know if my BMW X5 E53 have DSP amplifier?

Well, this question is always asked from the seller when you are going to upgrade the factory BMW X5 radio with aftermarket BMW X5 GPS navigation DVD system. It's easy to find it out.

The best way is by asking your local BMW dealership, if they are not able to confirm if your car has DSP amp or not, you can also do it yourself.

1. find out your BMW VIN
2. click this site:
3. enter the last 7 digits of your VIN, click "submit"
4. then you gets all detailed information about your car, pay attention to "Options" section, if it shows "676 Hifi Loudspeaker System", this means your car does not have DSP amplifier.

However, if it shows "677 Hifi System Professional" or "S677A HiFi System Professional DSP", that means your car has DSP amplifier.

See the difference? In general, 677 means your BMW X5 has DSP, while 676 means your car does not have DSP.
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