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I find this unexpectedly appealing

# חֲרֽוֹסֶת #סֵדֶר‎ 
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+D. Luria I'm also sensitive to dairy somewhat, so best for me would be sugar-free and dairy-free. Also of course very kosher (also in this case kosher for Passover, which is even rarer for dairy-free which usually is made out of tofu for the kosher brands of it.)

I haven't had any ice cream in a long time, needless to say. That's OK though, my teeth are sensitive, so even before the diabetes hit I wasn't able to eat it very well and really enjoy it.
News you can use: Net Neutrality, FCC Title II and you

The folks at Tumblr have put together a great set of resources about these topics AND have made it super-easy to get in touch with your Congress-critter to let them know where you stand on these issues.

While primarily a USA issue at the moment, net neutrality is important no matter where you live, so give this a look even if you don't live in the States. 

#PSA   #netneutrality2015   #FCCTitleII  
Going, going... get it before it's gone!

13 hours left as of this writing, and if you pay $15.00 or more, you will also get Barry Hughart's The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox, (an excellent alternate-China fantasy trilogy that has been too many years out of print,) in addition to other great books. 

#humblebundle  #TenOxAndMasterLi 
Subterranean Press is working with Humble Bundle to create a pay-what-you-want, DRM-free ebook bundle, featuring awesome authors like Cherie Priest, Ted Chiang, Dan Simmons, Connie Willis, Harlan Ellison, Joe Lansdale and a ton of others (including me). A cut of the proceeds goes to the Worldbuilders charity as well. Come get it -- it's only available for a limited time. And tell your friends!
In celebration of the publisher's 20th anniversary, we proudly present $96 worth of sci-fi, fantasy and horror in the Humble Subterranean Press Book Bundle.
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...and all HB sales benefit good causes, so it is always money well spent, too.

D. Luria

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If only...

D. Luria

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Did I remember to lock the door? -- digital edition

Are your Google account settings secure? What you think they should be? Login session what you remember them to be? Two-part authorization in place?  Run this security checklist, implement additional login security (if you haven't already -- which you have done, yes?) and get 2 additional gigs of Drive storage, available later this month.

This a bluelight special that expires at the end of the day -- so don't wait!

#PSA   #google   #digitalworld   #security  
Special offer from Google today: run a 2-minute security check on your account (which is really a good idea anyway) and get a free 2GB of Drive storage space. If your Google account matters to you -- your GMail, YouTube, Google+, Drive, and so on -- this is something worth running every few months.

And after you do that, go enable 2-step verification. ( It's the single best thing you can do to protect your account from being compromised. 
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... and today is both

Some people have bad hair days. I have hair that makes a philosophical question out of 'bad'. I have bad code and bad hardware days instead.

#dailylife   #geeksatwork   #firstworldproblems  
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Have them in circles
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It will be all right asterisk -- Markdown still loves you

ASTERISK: “I can’t even look at Twitter anymore. It’s ‘Hashtag’ this. ‘Hashtag’ that. #IceBucketChallenge. #TBT. Every handle starts with @. Social media has passed me by.

AGENT: Listen, I know you’re upset. You look around the keyboard and see other special characters doing better. But remember who you are. You are Asterisk. You own footnotes.

ASTERISK: Ever see a footnote in a Snapchat?

AGENT: You’ve been on the keypad since the touchtone phone.

ASTERISK: No one even knows what I’m there for. Including me. Have you ever needed to use the asterisk key on a phone? Even once? They only want you to press Pound.

AGENT: Everyone has their ups and downs. Look what Dollar Sign went through in 2008. We thought it was done. But it’s back—bigger than ever.

ASTERISK: You should have signed me for Internet addresses. Think of where we’d be now—markruffalo*

AGENT: You came to that meeting drunk. They didn’t want to take a chance on you. @ was a relative unknown—but it was reliable. Sometimes boring is what they’re looking for.

ASTERISK: I’m roadkill on the information highway.

AGENT: Put down that bottle—it’s ten in the morning, for Chrissake. And stay upbeat—we’re implementing a new multi-platform brand leveraging strategy. I’ve got you short-listed for bandleader on Colbert.

ASTERISK: If Ampersand lands that gig I’m going to kill myself.

AGENT: Relax. Things are happening for you. Trader Joe’s is market testing Asterisk Sriracha sauce on the Upper West Side.

ASTERISK: What about a documentary? Helvetica had one.

AGENT: Helvetica is one well-connected font.

ASTERISK: Do you know that Exclamation Point and I were roommates at Haverford? And now it’s infested every email and text. Exclamation Point convinced people that you sound depressed if you don’t use it.

AGENT: Or angry.

ASTERISK: It’s extortion.

AGENT: Let it go—it’s punctuation—that’s a whole ‘nother level.

ASTERISK: Punctuation is such an exclusive club—no Jews.

AGENT: That’s why we changed your name from Axlerod to Asterisk

ASTERISK: No one can pronounce asterisk. Is it is Asteriks? Astrik? After two martinis I can’t get it right myself.

AGENT: We’re focus grouping AsterX—

ASTERISK: What am I, an erectile dysfunction drug? How much am I spending on this re-branding, anyway?

AGENT: That absurd toupee you wear isn’t helping. Who do you think you are, William Shatner?

ASTERISK: I’m an asterisk—I can’t be bald on top.

AGENT: We got you into a few emoticons.

ASTERISK: Even Semi-Colon is eating our lunch in the emoticon space. If I see one more winking smile…

AGENT: Yeah, but Go the F**k to Sleep bought you a cottage in Montauk.

ASTERISK: You know I hate working blue. Speaking of which, score me an invite—I hear Percent is having a key party in Greenwich, with all the top one… well you know. And the Parentheses twins are going—they just got matching ankle tattoos.



AGENT: Now that’s my boy.

#whimsy #mcsweeneys
The Asterisk Kvetches to Its Agent.:

"ASTERISK: What about a documentary? Helvetica had one."

"AGENT: Helvetica is one well-connected font."
ASTERISK: “I can’t even look at Twitter anymore. It’s ‘Hashtag’ this. ‘Hashtag’ that. #IceBucketChallenge. #TBT. Every handle starts with @. Soci...
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Ridiculous things I want today: Department of erudite bedding

Eep. Eep eep eep eeeeep! These are fantastic quilts and I want one very much -- even knowing that if I put one on the bed, Dearly Beloved will take it as license to sing My Chemical Romance songs every night while I am trying to go to sleep.

#delectable   #science ! #whimsy   #chemistry   #quilts  
Check out these Periodic Table Quilts from Read Science! guest Theodore Gray! 
I've made a bunch of periodic table quilts recently, incrementally improving the design on each one until I'm pretty happy with it. There are quite a few issues that come up trying to do this... The first question is font. Bold, sans-serif fonts (Arial Black in this case) look great because they puff out nicely, as in this example: But if you don't have those lines in the background to connect the letters, you end up with a lot of s...
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Love: always primordial, frequently transistional and sometimes a gas -- with occasional moments of being a complete stinker

Happy hearts day, ya'll!

#chemistry   #valentines   #turningwheel  
Standalone CRM / Contact manager -- what do you use?

I'm looking for something that is not  SaaS and preferably both desktop and Android friendly. Ideas?

#lazyweb   #lazyplus   #CRMsoftware  

D. Luria

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Not all averages are equal

av•er•age (ăvˈər-ĭj, ăvˈrĭj)
Noun: (statistics) Any measure of central tendency, especially any mean, the median, or the mode. 
Adjective: Typical e.g., The average family will not need the more expensive features of this product.

These are the things the average (as in nearly all ) black woman deals with. 

via +Carla Legendre, elsewhere

They say I’m not the average black girl because I’m so well spoken
Poised, full of etiquette, a white man’s token
You know I remember my ex’s mother telling me, “I didn’t know how I was gonna react when he brought a black girl, but I like you because you talk so white.”
But when did me talking right equate to me talking white?
They say I’m not the average black girl

No! No! Not the average black girl because the pigment of my skin is just a shade lighter than that black girl over there
You know, the black girl over there
The black girl with the nappy hair
The black girls whose elbows can’t skip a day without lotion
Whose hearts and heads are filled up with self-hate and bottled up emotion
The cocoa brown girls who have to face society every day and be tough
Because no matter how good they straighten their hair, their good is still not good enough

Oh, but see. Luckily for me, see
I don’t fall in that category, see

They say I’m not the average black girl because I speak with so much class and
I don’t have too much but just enough ass and
Not too much but just enough pizzazz
You know, just a little bit of attitude
Cos you don’t wanna come off as one of those average black girls and come off as rude
You know, popping their gum and shaking their neck
Yeah, cos those black girls get like no respect
But see luckily for me, see I get pass
Cos the melanin in my skin matches that brown paper bag
And my father, brother and men that I date pants don’t sag
And when I speak, my tongue pronounces every syllable
And the combed part down the middle of hair is naturally visible
Oh! Oh!
It must be a weave or she must be mixed
Cos we all know the average black girl ain’t got that good *#@!%

Or when I walk in a room full of white men, they all stare
It must be the long lengths of my un-average black girl hair

See! See, they say I’m not the average black girl because I corrected the professor when he used the word conversate
Converse! The word is converse
And in case you didn’t get the memo, there are now eight not nine planets in the universe
And when you’re watching the numbers on your stocks move up and down
Remember Oklahoma, in a small town
One of the first Wall Street was a Black Wall Street that got mysteriously burned down

Oh, they say I’m not the average black girl
Well let’s flip this script and rewind this *#@!%
Repaint the lines and have them blurred over time
Because the average black girl that I know…

See, the average black girl that I know made 19 trips through the Underground Railroad to free the slaves
Sat on segregated buses, refused to get up and paved new waves
See, the average black that I know…

The average black girl that I know were Egyptian queens like Hatshepsut and Nitocris who were ruling dynasties and whole armies of men
Excuse me, why I set fire to this poem on my pen cos I am tired!
Tired of the stereotypes black girls have fallen into because of American mentality
But not half as tired as Ella Baker, Diane Nash, Septima Poinsette Clark
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired
Miss Fannie Lou Hamer, Daisy Bates, Anna Arnold Hedgeman and Dorothy Height are far more tired than I am
But do you think the ones who say I’m not the average black even give a damn?

So pardon me if I can’t openly accept your compliments
Pardon me if I can’t openly accept your compliment
It’s just the average black girl that I know…

The average black girl that I know had courage that surpassed her every fear
And fought for justice and equality year after year
So as I construct these words, pardon me as I shed a tear
Because I’m not half the black girl she was!

I am not half the black girl she was! See, there’s a minor clause
She was out there fighting, breaking and changing laws
So I bow down to my black queen standing in the merit of her work

And as America society continuously throws these supercilious words onto me
I say, “No!”
I am not the average black girl, I can only aspire to be.
_transcript courtesy of

#DifferentLives   #WoC   #BHM   #ErnestineJohnson  
This is how arguments against vaccination sound to me

Re-framing can be a revealing rhetorical device.  This particular instance captures the essence of what I hear in anti-vax arguments.  While the lack of fundamental science education that fuels this movement gets me down, what makes me the saddest is the people involved are generally motivated by a fear for the safety of their families... and there is hardly anything they could choose in this case that would be more unsafe.  

Tip o'the pixils to +Sean Meiners for the original find.

#antivax   #satire   #logicalfallacies   #reframing  
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Godot is waiting for me
2% fish products; 8% co-morbidity; 27% quantum indeterminacy; 16% masa; 6% allergies; 21% curiosity; 19% compassion; 1% wondering if I left the oven on in a 100% organic dorkiness wrapper. Contents may become unsettled during shipping, political campaigns and whilst reading op-ed pages.  Product sold by weight, not volume. Volume does, in fact, go to 11. 

I care enormously more about what people do than what they believe.

Jorge Luis Borges wrote in the preface to The Book of Imaginary Beings --
"There is a kind of lazy pleasure in useless and out-of-the-way erudition"
I offer this here by way of explanation for most of what I post. 
Bragging rights
I have caught with my bare hands (unharmed) a hummingbird in flight.
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Maximumble - #932 – Privacy

Can we all agree that stealing naked pictures of other people is wrong, and that taking naked pictures of yourself is stupid*? *Note that th

This year thousands of men will die from stubbornness NO WE WON'T

Bringing you funny, popular and relatable quote images at

Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch recommendations help you choose ocean-friendly seafood at your favorite restaurants and stores. Our app brings you the most cu

Recognizing Basic Science Contributions

A “basic bibliography” for new drugs would provide scientists with soft incentives and acknowledge the value of basic biomedical research.

Frank Zappa, his groupies and me

She was a strait-laced English typist. He was a sexually incontinent rock innovator. So why on earth did Pauline Butcher become Frank Zappa'

Enjoy the Redwoods While You Can

Peter Lawrence Kane posits how climate change will affect local flora California is basically one gigantic accident. As it currently looks,

From Jewish Refugees to Dudu Tassa’s Iraq n’ Roll

My father an Egyptian Jew, and I would discuss the same issue every few years until his death in......

North Las Vegas approves plan to use eminent domain to aid underwater ho...

North Las Vegas City Council members threw a controversial lifeline to underwater homeowners Wednesday, picking up a complex, amended plan a

Thunderstorm Sweeps Valley

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Fruitvale Station

The last day in Oscar Grant's life, before he was detained and killed by police, which was caught on video.

Vigil for Nelson Mandela -

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James Palmer – Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is an odd, dangerous mix of sense and nonsense. Can it survive in modern China?

101 Amazing Science Images You Must See

From the cosmos to the atmosphere to the lab and the deep ocean, these images will knock your socks off.

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Letter to the editor: Prevent rape, not false reports of it

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Autumn Ginkgo Leaves™

Illuminating the Invisible - Photography in HS, IR &amp; UV

Flamenco Puro

Shop Google Play on the web. Purchase and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet without the hassle of syncing.


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