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DISCLAIMER:  I am not endorsing or guaranteeing any websites or services, I am simply sharing my journey and experiences; my personal perspectives. My humble share of what's worked for me. I hope it helps others on a similar journey.
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Xzmllm al 😅😅😅
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+Jason Levy Pleae add me to your circle, I am uber enjager, circle  sharer and content sharer.  You can view my website at  Looking to engage and meet people .  Thanks Jaon +Dillon DLite +Dillon DLite Dancer/Model/Actor  My google pages 

Plussed and shared your circle.  Dillon
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Many many happy returns of the day happy birthday to you
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Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down ;-) go, go, go
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I am seeking to connect with photographers looking for TCP a well a agency, ,managers and talent scouts.
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New profile pic, To circle people, please add me to your circles, I am good engager and  sharer of circles and good content. +Dillon DLite 
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+Mariko Please add me to your circles, I shared and a good google engager and circle sharer :)  Here's a link to my Video Debut, hope you enjoy... +Dillon DLite  #FIFA15Celebrate | Celebrate FIFA 15 and WIN a trip to NYC to meet Tim Cahill
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Tes trop beau
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Gymnastics Coach - Boys Lvl 4 and 5, Dancer, Model and aspiring Actor
Basic Information
Looking for
November 18
Other names
Dillon DLite
"and those who were seen dancing werer thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music" Nietchze

DLite YouTube Dance Showcase
Dillon DLite PORTFOLIO Photo and Dance Showcase MAIN
LinkedIn Profile
Dillon DLite Google Plus Page FOLLOW ME

Dillion "DLite"

I am an eighteen year old with a profound passion for performing. I have satisfied my urge to be in the public eye throughout my childhood by participating in athletics and at the age of 14 through Lite Feet dancing, an urban phenomenon that allows me to showcase talents, via You Tube, I sharpened during my time as a level 9 gymnast
Stat's and Info
Height: 5' 10"        Weight: 150
Hair: Light Brown  Eyes: Brown 
Suit: 38 R                  Shirt: 16
Waist/Inseam  30/30  Neck: 14 1/2
Sleeves: 33 34          Shoes: 9 1/2
Mens Medium           Hat: 7 1/8 
  • Dancer - Competition Dance 3 Years Hip Hop, Modern, Acro Dance
  • Lite Feet Dance - 5 Years
  • Gymnast - 8 Years Multiple local and NY State Titles
  • Currently: Employed USA Gymnastics Certified Coach-15 member boys team (3 years employed - Coach team of level 5 boys ..ages 9 to 12.  Responsible for mentoring, coaching, conditioning and all aspects of preparing them for competitions including traveling to meets and coaching boys on floor.  I have several letters of recommendation from Team boy parents available on request.
  • Baseball - 10 Years
  • Basketball - 10 Years 
  • Other sports/interests - Street Dance, ParCour, Skiing, Skateboarding, Odyssey of the Mind, Acting, Modeling - Fitness, Catalog, and more.., Event Hosting.
Bragging rights
Lite Feet Dancer, NY State Champion Gymnast, One of Youngest USA Gymnastic Certified and Safety Certified Coaches, Worked as a Gymnastic Coach from age 16 to Present
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New York
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New York
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