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Same, Same, But Different

There's an old bike industry saying, "same, same, but different" and looks like it applies in the case of Volagi, a disc brake road bike company I posted about last week. Readers noticed and commented how the Volagis resembled other bike(s) and the Mercury News reports on how Specialized is suing them.

A factoid worth noting in the article is that they've sold 175 bikes indicating that "pent-up" demand for disc-brake road bikes isn't a strong as many think.

You'll find an expected "Specialized should leave them alone" tone to the various comment threads about this and I'd guess is less about the fact that the bikes look like their Cirrus, but that it's former employees.

Balls on them because the industry is very small and making enemies is not a good, long-term strategy.
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I'd guess there's more here than what's being said. I wouldn't expect one of the industry giants to really care much about a small indie start-up. Perhaps one or both of these guys really pissed someone off at Specialized before they left or as a result of their leaving? It's highly unlikely that there would be large numbers of consumers who had been considering a Specialized Roubaix that would suddenly go "hey, what about this Volagi bike?"
+Guy Browne agreed and indicated that in my twitter/facebook comments. Spesh is making a point about something here. Maybe the two were involved in a concept road disc bike? Their PR play is obvious, Spesh is big and bad, but like you I think more is going on here. The bike looks like a Cirrus with the bow stay or not, but I don't think that's the issue being pursued in the lawsuit.
"Maybe the two were involved in a concept road disc bike?"

This is along the lines of what I was thinking. Also perhaps a shot across the bow of other employees at Specialized who may be considering a similar venture.
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