Suddenly a Soundbar

After our remodel and a hurried move back in, I hadn't got to rebuilding the home theater. Been too long and I decided to re-theater the room when we got back from holiday. Thinking about out it more, I also decided I didn't want speakers and wires all over the room anymore. So instead I setup a minimalist Yamaha soundbar with the Boston Acoustics subwoofer from the old system. Works well and sounds like an impressive bookshelf stereo, but obviously not 5.1 or 7.1.

There's no enveloping sound stage. There is good sound and better than the crap speakers they put in TVs now. I can also "whomp" the floor when the teenagers play their pop music in the basement. I've got House of Pain and more old school rap to show them what a REAL booty whop was like, back in the day before Taylor Swift.

You can spend hours reading reviews about soundbars and home theaters -- the HiFi reviewers hate them and whatever. I've got the same problem when I test ride low-end bikes for +Bike Hugger after riding bikes that retail at 15K. Fritos and a beer don't taste as good as champagne and caviar either. At the right kind of party though, that combo works really well and is a crowd pleaser.

I did do some reading, mostly about the tech developed by Yamaha, and made the final decision by walking by the audio aisle at Costco and seeing a YAS-101 there. That was the one I was considering and didn't expect to see it in a warehouse. I bought it for $189.00 and then set the system up in about an hour.

The YAS-101 runs off the TOSLINK (optical audio) out from your TV and with all devices plugged into the TV. Your TV acts as the receiver and the soundbar as the amplifier.

You'll want a subwoofer for YAS-101. The cost is 10% of the previous theater I've since boxed up and I'm 100% happier to not have the all the complications. I do have 6 remotes now, but not as many as +Matthew Haughey

So the home theater is now just a TV room.
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