Kickstarter Rant

If you've got a PR agency pushing your @Kickstarter campaign to bloggers, then that disqualifies you, I think. Fellow bike bloggers, peeps, what do you think? I'm getting PR every week about a new gadget on Kickstarter. Mentioned it to +Ginevra Kirkland and she said, "brands invading @Kickstarter that's meant for social change is wrong. Community funding isn't Louis CK selling a $5 dvd."

In other words, Kickstarter is about the community-funding, not a PR firm working their channels to get that funding project noticed. Louis CK can go straight to his audience, cause he's got the following, the juice. He doesn't need the startup cash. If you've hired a PR firm, then you too don't need Kickstarter. Instead that's called, "marketing" and roll out your product like every other entrepreneur that's come before and after you.

Quad Lock is linked below and is the subject of a press release I just got. Looks cool and they want 12K to launch. If I mention them am I contributing to the community funding or their marketing campaign?
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