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RWD: Less for More is a Tough Sell

Haven't seen this much arguing over a web tech in a while. RWD supporters are on the defensive while the critics are calling it a failure. I think the issue with it is, when has a web technology ever offered less features for more money?

For what RWD is see this post.

and search for it here

So at the client, consumer, commerce level and not from a podium, book, or philosophical angle, is it good business? Imagine that sell and the fight with biz dev and marketing. We're going to slash away all the cruft on the website and put the content forward ... so the ads, share badges, all get scrutinized for the benefit of the user. Then the cost to implement is twice, to three times the budget. My gawd man what do we do with the menubar?

Seems a VP of something important at a big company would struggle with what amounts to a mobile view on a desktop. You can wow the VP just a few times with the breakpoints -- where the browser switches to a tablet or phone view when resized -- just like how cool fly-out menus used to be.

I struggle with it too, but know the content focus is where we can strategically place ourselves against everybody whose bike blogging now and covering the bike as a topic; especially content farms like Bike Radar.

(I Publish +Bike Hugger)

The goals of a more readable web are undeniable; as I noted yesterday when I linked to the Forbes article and the work of +Jeffrey Zeldman

Is Readable Sellable?

Can I figure out how to say, "this blog brought to you by our sponsors" like a PBS channel instead of running ads all over like NASCAR.

I'm going to find out.
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