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Thanks Conseula ☺

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Scientists Are Now 3D Printing Tumors to Help Them Fight Cancer

This is awesome ... Biofabricating cancer to treat cancer?

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#ScienceSunday   #Medicine   #Cancer   #3DPrinting  
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Good Night Googlers

Been one of those days ... Time for a bottle of wine & some movies

#GoodNight   #SweetDreams   #MovieNight   #Weekend  
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Good nite 
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DJ Spin

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Are You Kidding Me?

It seems as though +Yahoo! is now on the permissions warpath, too. Looks like they are following in the footsteps of +Verizon Wireless , wanting the ability to fire up these features at will. I would have no problems with this if it were simply turned on /off using the app as intended, but asking for pictures / video and now audio at any time without consent ... seems a bit more than intrusive. I was actually excited to update FLICKR ... But seem like this is just one more app I'll be passing on!

#Yahoo   #Flickr   #Update   #Security   #Privacy   #NoThanks  
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DJ Spin
+Mark C I could ... But the point is, we shouldn't HAVE to. 
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I Haz A Sleepy

One of those days where this sounds really good right about now ...

#Caturday   #CatNap   #SoundsGoodToMe  
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That sounds good right now!
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Connect The Dots

I can't wait to see how this one turns out ...

#SuperheroSunday   #Humor   #Surprise  
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Good Morning Everyone

Hope the Easter Bunny was good to all of you ...

#GoodMorning   #HappyEaster   #Easter   #HaveAGoodDay  
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DJ Spin
Thanks, buddy ... Same to you!
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DJ Spin

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What Happens When You Give A Bunch Of Hotshot Pilots GoPros

WOW ... This video, these pilots, and this music =  CRAZY awesome!

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#USNavy   #GoPro   #SuperHornet   #Planes   #F18   #BadAssery  
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We all can share your "right stuff" moments. Live documentary in progress...Hook up narrative as you shoot. The camera I mean..Good hunting! We all look forward to " being there."
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DJ Spin

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Because Cats

Any given day as a cat owner ...

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Love cats
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DJ Spin

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5 Reasons the Latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Sales Figures Don’t Mean What You Think They Do

Sales figures have never swayed my decision as to which console(s) I will buy. If you like PS4, get a PS4 ... If you like Xbox One, get an Xbox One. I you want both, then get both. Anyone who uses "sales" as a method of persuading you is simply ignorant. I'm not partial to either, I like both ... No doubt though, the fanboys will have a field day with this. 

( Full Story via TIME - )

#Sony   #Microsoft   #PS4   #XboxOne   #Gaming  
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+Hank Yeomans iPhone sucks the most. Just wanted to join in.:)
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