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Reshare, send feedback, and follow the other instructions below to let Google know that we want events to stay! And to be fixed so they work the way they did on G+ classic!
So, they are going G to kill off Google+ classic soon, without fixing any major issues such as events only working on Android and the classic ui.

All the while they have been adding pointless new features such as images in comments.

So, download this gif, and every time Luke Wroblewski​ posts another G+ update post, drop this image into the comments to let him know that a half arsed "new" ui is not good enough!
Fix existing major bugs before adding new features!
Do not kill off Classic G+ before adding all existing features to "new" G+
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For all Computer, Smartphone, Apple, iPhone, Samsung, Android, Tablet & iPad repairs, Contact:
John: 0406 680 674
HEP&HES: 0412 779 209

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+Telstra​​ mobile network is down in Finley NSW.
There's a crane up working on the cell tower, but for residents of Finley, don't expect it to be working before 02-09-2015.

This will affect all Telstra mobile customers, all mobile internet users (USB Dongles), and any company that uses the Telstra network (eg; Aldi Mobile.)

This also directly affects my business, as all my devices are showing no service.

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Attention XP users. Has your computer suddenly become unusable?
Error messages such as "not enough space" or random errors about invalid DLL library's? Even windows appearing without title bars, and the computer freezing when attempting to shut down?

The problem is SKYPE.

it would seem that the latest version of Skype (7.6+) is completely incompatible with XP, which is great considering you get auto-updated to that version by an auto update.

To fix this issue, you need to remove Skype.

But how to do this without anything working?
There's two methods.

The first one is:
Just as the computer starts up, and the start menu appears, Press CTRL ALT DEL to open task manager, and in the Process tab, look for Skype.exe right click it and select end process.

Done, you can now access control panel, and go to "add or Remove Programs" and Uninstall Skype.

If that doesn't help, the Safe Mode method is attached below.
Well, today I'm fixing another customer's computer crippled by +Skype
Now, you're thinking "Crippled by Skype? It's not Malware, or a virus, its legit software" And you would be correct in thinking that.
But in this case, it might as well be a virus.

What we have here is a computer, that when it boots, becomes unusable as soon as Skype loads. To the point where nothing else will load, hell windows don't even have title bars.
Loading of any program results in errors such as "Not Enough Space" (even though there's 40GB of free space) and even better errors such as "The .DLL is not a valid windows library"

If you're lucky enough to load Task Manager before Skype Auto-starts at boot, and kill its process, suddenly everything works fine.
Load Skype manually, shit hits the fan, everything running crashes, and no other programs will start. End Skype again with Task Manager, and suddenly everything starts working again.

It couldn't be anymore obvious that there's a major issue with the latest version of Skype on XP.

If suddenly your XP machine is completely unusable, smashing you with error messages, and cant even shut down using the start menu: here's what to do to fix it;

1. Power off your computer by pressing and holding the power button for Five Seconds.

2. Turn your computer on, and just before the XP boot screen appears, start repeatedly pressing F8
(If the XP boot screen appears as normal, you were too slow, reboot and try again)

3. If you now see a black screen with a lot of white text, select "Safe Mode" and then press enter.

4. Once windows boots into Safe Mode, select "Administrator" at the logon screen.

5. Once the machine has booted to the Safe Mode Desktop, press "Start" and select "Control Panel"

6. Once in Control Panel, select "Add or Remove Programs"

7. Find Skype in the list and Uninstall it.

8. Once Skype is removed from your computer, restart the computer.
It should now work again.

Q. What will I do without Skype?
A. Find an alternative that doesn't suck, such as Google Hangouts and get everyone else to start using it too.

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ATTN Finley Residents and Business
ADSL Services are down across town.

+Telstra Service Status page shows it wont be fixed until late Monday

Currently the only way to get online in Finley is to use Mobile Data, as Mobile Phones seem unaffected.

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Google earth pro for free. Available to all right now!
Have fun!
Google Earth Pro is now free! Learn more:

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Fraudband is the only way to discribe Abbott's NBN.

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Over the past few months I've noticed a disturbing trend with +Telstra customers. Examples follow:

Today I was at a customers house because their internet was not working. So I commenced Troubleshooting only to discover that Telstra had changed the user over to Prepaid internet, and continued billing the the customer for the old service which they were no longer using. So they were paying their Bigpond bill with direct debit, for a service that was "changed" to Telstra Prepaid. - In essence, the person was paying for the same service twice.

Last week, I was troubleshooting a similar issue "No internet through 3G modem", Don't ask me how this happened, but somehow, Telstra had set them up to use BOTH Mobile Broadband and ADSL.
The user was still using the Mobile broadband as per normal. While being charged for both it AND a not-connected ADSL connection. (The DSL connection was costing them an extra $150 on their bill, even though it was not connected nor set up)

I could go on, I have dealt with similar issues all month, where Telstra has been charging people for multiple services when they only use a single service.

If you are with Telstra or Bigpond, immediately check your bills, Make sure you're not paying for multiple different internet services.
The most the average person will have is:
1. A Landline
2. A Mobile Phone (With data IF it's a smartphone)
3. A Single Internet Connection (Either bundled as part of the landline (ADSL) or Mobile, (With a USB Device))
If you're seeing Multiple internet services, then there's a good chance you're paying for something you're not receiving!

And if you're thinking of becoming a Telstra or Bigpond customer for ADSL - DON'T, Go with +Internode or +iiNet or even, use the Broadband Choice site to compare and find a plan and company that's right for you:

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I love free software. Don't you?
I've thoroughly tested this free Backup software from Paragon Software.

It does not come with extra shit, does not change your homepage or anything like that. it's just a pure and simple full system backup program, and I highly recommend it!

Just be careful when downloading it!
Make sure you're clicking the correct download button on C-Net's Download system! As C-Net's download system is covered in ads that look like "download buttons" but they are not!

If you want to make sure you're getting the correct download button, I highly recommend installing +Adblock Plus to remove ads off all websites, Even Youtube! You can get AdBlock Plus here:

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According to +GoSwitch
ANNUAL household gas and electricity bills are set to surge by up to $250 from January 1.

Victorian homes and small businesses will be slugged with average price rises at least twice the inflation rate, and some at almost five times the CPI.

Savings from the axed carbon tax will be substantially eroded, and in some cases eradicated.

Major retailers have revealed gas charges, which are rising dramatically as domestic prices are linked to the international market, will climb 5.5 to 10 per cent.

Average power increases range from 3.8 to 9.7 per cent, depending on the company and customer location.

EnergyAustralia, AGL and Powerdirect are mainly blaming electricity distribution and wholesale gas costs for their announced rate changes.

St Vincent de Paul Society energy analyst Gavin Dufty­ estimated combined gas and electricity annual costs would rise $150 to $250 for a typical “dual-fuel” home.

All-electric houses faced a rise of $100 to $230.

All i know is, i sure as hell didn't vote for Tony Abbott and his #COALition , I saw through his lies of how "removing the carbon tax will reduce bills" and I even accurately predicted that even with the carbon tax gone, the price would in fact go UP, not down.
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