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Monday Recap: Check my wall or albums for a bunch of free comics I uploaded yesterday. Also I have a special "circle" for a G+ exclusive comic called CIRCLE JERKS, but you have to ask me to get access to the circle posts. Easy enough? Back to the drawing board...
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Yes, a circle jerking sounds like fun. Let us do this forthwith!

I even brought my own biscuit.
I am another fine gentlemen asking for inclusion into this "jerk circle". It sounds to be good, old-fashioned, wholesome fun. ;)
Can i haz circle access ? pretty please ! (Don't forget to turn of reshare on the posts)
I have no way (it seems) of telling if I'm already in this circle-- if I'm not, please consider adding me.
Hahahahahah. Oh my. I don't think I have the appropriate appendages, but I'd love to be in your circle jerk.
Looks like we have a biscuit. :3

(apologies Robyn. If not me, someone else would have done it)
I don't think I asked to be added, so I'm correcting that oversight right now.
I'd be interested in seeing it.
@Lori, you're already in. See above post to check.
put me down for circle jerks please gracias!
ok, please add to circle jerks circle. should i bring a towel?
I hope ladies are welcome in Circle please add me. I will not be holding the cracker, though!
OK D.J. You have made me type the phrase "I want to be in the Circle Jerk" I hope your happy!
D.J., can you please add me to that circle as well?
Great idea! I would love to get in on the Circle Jerk action. (There's something dirty about all of this but I can't quite put my finger on it.)
I, too, would like to be added to this special "circle".
I too would like to be in the circle of jerks.
I would like to be a member of the Circle jerks
hehe.. add me to CIRCLE JERKS ^^;;;;
a 'Circle Jerking' sounds like something kids experiment with in college :P
How does this circle jerk work? Can you show me?
I appear to be late to the party... Is the Circle Jerk still on? :)
who wants to sit next to me, i'll stroke your ego ; )
Added the stragglers! Just got to my ALL ALBUMS in the photo section to catch up.
Ca. z.
Please add me? I'd like to see it!
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