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Well I'm just about done sculpting the giraffe teapot. When it dries a little more I'll clean it up a bit and may tweak and smooth it some But I'm happy with it!
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Nice. Will it be glazed in giraffe colors?
+J.L. Btwee probably I will use the bare clay as the lighter color and a glaze I mixed myself for the brown spots.
+Shannon Weirich thanks! I was happy with how the lid turned out. The clay was quite wet, so it was hard to work with. I had to let it firm up a bit to get it to shape properly.
That is very cute! Where can I buy one :-)
Lisa it is a custom sculpted tea pot. You can order one from me for $150.00
Maybe I'll consider that. Do you think it would survive the journey by post? I've had a few postal disasters.
I've never had any of my pottery break in transit. I package it really well. Shipping the piece usually costs around $20 to $25 -- but its worth it! The piece gets there in -- er -- one piece!! Where are you located?
If you are located in Australia, I'm afraid we'll have to scrap the idea. I don't ship overseas!
Oh well, never mind. It is very cute though :-)
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