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Posts worth saving and reading again

This is a ever growing list of posts that I really like and that are worth keeping in a safe place. Yes some of these are mine but many are other great people from around #ThePlus  

-> Local Search on Mobile Devices by +Jessica Lee on +Search Engine Watch

-> Short Links Pros and Cons by +Dustin W. Stout H/T +Zara Altair

-> The Power of Social Sharing by +Ayesha Ambreen

-> How-To use a Hangout On Air to over come writers block on your blogging:

-> The Power of Hangouts On Air by +Paula Allen
Writer's Block got you down? Know you have to blog but don't have the time? Really want to get your message out through a blog but you just aren't a… - DENNIS N. DUCE - Google+
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The first half of creating my woven copper masterpiece.
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Having fun in my girlfriend's back yard
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Thanks David James for this fantastic review..Nate and I are glad you got taken care of.
Wilson Motor Company
328 N Main St, Logan, UT 84321
I was extremely pleased with my whole experience at Wilson Motors. Dennis Duce and Nate Romwell were two of the most dedicated, patient, and helpful salesmen I’ve ever dealt with. I was probably the most finicky and picky customer that had walked in those doors in years, and they stayed positive and patient through the whole process.
All my life, I swore I would never buy from a dealership… ever, for many reasons, and… they proved me wrong. They let me test drive multiple trucks multiple times each, and helped me research the pros and cons of each… until I was fully confident that I knew EXACTLY what I was buying. They worked with me NON-STOP/ALL DAY for TWO FULL days, from open… to AFTER closing (both days), until they were able to find just the right truck to fit all my personal, professional, and financial needs. More importantly… I’m a local contractor, and my work truck died the week before and I was going to lose thousands of dollars on a big construction contract I had, if I didn’t have a truck to finish the job… AND… I didn’t have the time to shop around to find a good deal from a private seller, SO… being that I was predisposed to “despise” dealerships… I was in a VERY desperate situation. So, obviously… I NEEDED to get a truck QUICK, and they also knew it (because I told them) and I NEVER felt like they took advantage of my situation. The ENTIRE time… I felt like a PERSON, and not a SALE!
Personable, professional, honest and most importantly… zero pressure!
Thanks guys! See you for my next truck purchase!
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Reviews do work. 
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This is a great cause

Join the +Alive Inside Music Challenge and help make a difference for those who suffer with Alzheimers.
This is what we are all about...Please join the challenge post your video to YouTube and use the hashtag #AliveInsideMusic  or #AliveInsideMusicChallenge  
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The Man In The Hat is BACK!!! I have not worn a lot of hats this past summer but with the winter weather setting in I have started to wear my beloved Trilby style hats again.

If you are in the market for a New Nissan let me know... +Wilson Motors​ can ship anywhere in the country!

#NissanUSA #LoganUtah #NissanUtah #TheManInTheHat #HatWeather
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Some folks say "clothes make the man" +DENNIS N. DUCE, but you illustrate rather well that HATS are a distinctive style statement. Rock it, dude!  
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Amen, brother!
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This shows you the image of the Park City Olympic Park hidden in the abstract Copper weaving.

I just created this video with Lapse It, check it out.
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My latest woven copper art piece. This is a time lapse of me creating the weaving.
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+Mark Seydel thanks +Mark Seydel​
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Watch just watch!!!
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What is that
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Another happy customer... Helen Roberson was so happy she was dancing!!!
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+Njideka John because she bought a new car and is super happy
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Welcome to my next phase in two at Wilson Motors in Logan Utah.

Yesterday I spent the day driving fords so I could get up to speed on the Ford line up.

The new aluminum body F-150 drives like a BMW...what a nice truck
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Box...what box? The glass is full! You can't give 110% so stop lying to me....The point here is that I see the world way different. Circle me for a peek...don't be to frightened.
I create assets that grow your business, now, and in the future.

Want to Learn More about me? Check out my "Who are you? Video with Stephanie Sims:

Bandwidth Link

Why rent your marketing from TV, Magazine, Billboards or other forms of traditional media? YOU CAN OWN YOUR MARKETING ASSETS. Let me teach you how.

I create PR and Branding through social...with an emphasis in YouTube and Google+ Hangouts On AIr. Engagement is key to a good marketing program and I know how to build that engagement so your customers become your advocates, evangelists and promoters. One of my favorite tools is the HOA where I capture content and create engagement for your business, charity, cause, or just about anything else you want the world to know about.

Here are my circle suggestions:

1. Hangout On Air Producer
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10. Skateboarders Over 40
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13. Branding Through Stories
14. Canadian
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16. Copper Artist

Dennis N. Duce, Has the honor of creating more HOA first in 2014 than any other HOA Producer. From test driving cars to getting his hair cut live, to walking a mile in high heel shoes to raise money for Harbor House, Dennis is a powerhouse of creative uses for this new form of Business branding gifted to us by the Google+ Gods, the world calls it a Hangout On Air Dennis calls it a miracle for modern marketing. He is the founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of, a company created around the simple thought that Content Creation and Content Capture can be FUN!  Dennis has produced HOA content for Charities, brick and mortar shops, Private Schools, Musicians, and large international tech firms (most recently Adobe’s Lehi office.) His experience with such a variety of clients gives him a unique perspective in the world of Live YouTube broadcasting. The end result to business owners is he has helped many companies (even one that did not have a website) get to the front page of Google.  He is passionate about helping small business owners achieve their goals through the use of modern marketing tools like Google+, YouTube, Podcasts, and Hangouts On Air

Dennis is a regular Guest lecturer at the Gore School of Business (Westminster College) and has been a statewide featured speaker to the Utah Board of Realtors, The UofU Small business Incubator and the international metal roofing trade show MetalCon. Dennis has been an invited guest expert on such Shows as Good Day Google Plus, THe Mia Connect, THe Midweek Zap with Zara Altair, A View From the Edge, Get Bizy and Who Are You with Christine and Mia.Many of the HOAs that Dennis produces are listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Database.) Dennis’ longest running HOA “Network Round Table: The Softer Side of Business” is in it’s 3 season with over 60 episodes in 16 months. As an active member of The Codebreakers (an eliet invitation only team of online marketers) Dennis is tasked with helping to break down what makes online content go viral (or not) using the science of Memetics to help viewers understand the complex process involved int virality.

Raised with in an entrepreneurial home Dennis learned early the passion, Intellect, and creativity needed to develop a business from concept to exit strategy. In a previous life he owned a successful Roofing Company in Park City Utah. These experiences have given him the ability to teach other business owners the keys to success in marketing, branding, engaging, and relationship development. Incorporating these soft skills into his “Creation/Capture” approach to marketing can become the foundation of any strong, growing marketing plan and companies success. Through the use of HOA technology Dennis has been able to share his education, experience, knowledge and creative thinking, thus teaching people worldwide how they can get found online, how to effectively engage prospects, partners and competitors and how to build these relationships in a mutually beneficial way to convert them to life long customers.  

When he is not teaching, training, engaging, or manging Socail sites, Dennis likes hanging out (In real life ont “On Air”) with his eight children, skateboarding, taking his Great dane “Lalovee” to the dog park, or creating #AutoAwesome animated pictures, videos, timelaps and any other form of creative photographic endevore. You can learn more about Dennis and his work with GPlus and YouTube at www.GPlus.Training,,, his personal blog or feel free to text 801-879-0243 or email him anytime.  

Follow Dennis at:






Twitter: @DennisDuce

Every Week I produce a number of Hangout On Air episodes for Small Business'
They all begin 2 mins after the hour or half hour because that's on the DUCE!

Want a peek at the upcoming episodes? Produced Hangouts On Air

HOA quick list. These are the pages for the companies I create HOAs for:


Who Are You #MicroHOA


Web Ready Blue Print System HOA

90:02 am MST 


9:02 am MST Network Round Table Produced for Dennis N. Duce

Watch Live on YouTube: Network Round Table
Watch Live on my blog: Network Round Table

Here are some of the shows I produce or have produced in the past:

BandWidth: The Hangout On Air for Indie Music Lovers
Wednesdays at 7:02 pm MST (9:02 pm EST, 8:02 pm CST, and 6:02 pm PST)
Community: My Music Hangout
Executive Producer: Christine Dregraff 
Production Company:
IRL Producer: Dennis N. Duce
Host/Director of Talent and Sound Enginer: Rylee McDonald

This weekly show is a chance for local bands to show off to the world. Each week we highlight a new Indie Musician or Band live from Lumpy's South in Sandy Utah. This is a high energy engaging HOA in Real Life.

Network Round Table: The Softer Side of Business
Friday's at 9:02 0m MST (4:42 pm EST, 3:42 pm CST, 1:42 pm PST)
Client: Dennis N. Duce
Friday's at 2:42 pm MST (4:42 pm EST, 3:42 pm CST, 1:42 pm PST)

I am first and foremost a sales Professional. I love to share my knowledge with those around me. I have trained many companies on how to improve their online presence with more than just SEO techniques.

I am a huge fan of Hangouts On Air. I produce weekly HOA's as well as a number of other interview based HOA's as the opportunity arises. If you think you have something special and would like to be interviewed in an upcoming Hangout send me an email

I produced a video Blog called RealGreenWorld. I interviewed companies and people that are doing something to help the world become a cleaner place.
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    I have been in the world of online marketing since 2007 and have realized a major disconnect in the creation of content that allows for engagement. My goal is bring Small Business' closer to their clients through proper use of Social Media allowing for engagement. The problem is business owners, marketing and sales VPs have knowledge about the company and the passion that creates engagement but they do not have time. The solution...has higher SEO companies to create content for them. This only creates content devoid of passion and that only results in push marketing with no engagement. I created as a bridge to unite this seemingly insurmountable chasm (I love that word even if I can't spell It.) I use Google+ Hangouts On Air to capture the passion and the message of the busy but vital members of your companies organization live, unscripted and unedited. We then transcribe the video's audio feed and use this to create blog posts and social media content that is on message and enjoyable to engage with. is truly a vital bridge over troubled waters.
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  • Tim Dahle Nissan of Murray
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    New and used car sales
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This is the only place in Utah I will go for a skateboard. They are super helpful and have a fantastic selection.
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The team at Think really lives up to their name. They take the time to think through problem.s (like roof top snow and ice) that most architects overlook
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
They did a great job on my shoes. I will be back.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
Great breakfast... wonderful staff
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
36 reviews
Our waiter was one of the best I have ever had and the ceased salad was fantastic.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
They have the greatest clothes and the owners is so full of passion.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
The best French Onion Soup in Utah. I was bummed they moved but I can see why now that they are in the new space.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago