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When to change your electric panel

When breakers are damaged or worn out: A breaker may overheat when outdated. If circuits have been gradually added over the years, a panel upgrade is often required to support the increased energy output. Panels contaminated by water or other corrosive materials are also candidates for replacement.

Safe – Efficient – Electrical Service

Whatever your reason for replacing your electrical panel, D & D Antenna can get the job done efficiently and guarantees:

-Experienced workmanship and meticulous installation
-Installation of the most trusted and highest quality panels that best suit your needs
-Premium panel surge protection to safeguard your entire wiring system
-Efficient, safe and orderly panel installation with minimal disruption to your home or business

Contact us today for a free estimate and additional information!

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What happens in the event my security system is triggered?

If your home or business security system is triggered, our trained staff carefully filters out false alarms and contacts the appropriate authorities.

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I bought a new home theater system. It's state of the art. Has a manual. Why shouldn't I just read it and install it myself?

First off, if you bought a new home theater system, you spent a good deal of money on high tech equipment that you likely want to use for a long time. So the short answer comes in the form of a few questions. Why wouldn't you want to spend a few dollars more to make sure it's properly installed? Why would you risk such a sizable investment to save a couple dollars? When you hire an expert to install your home theater, you can rest assured it will be installed and work properly. You're simply protecting his investment.

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We look forward to assisting you with all of your low voltage needs. We can help with any project, however big or small it might be. And believe us when we say, even small projects can benefit from the expertise we at D & D Antenna posses. It could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run.

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Do you have to be licensed and are you?

Anyone hired to do electrical work on your property requires a license, even low voltage electricians. We are fully licensed and insured. It's just as important to be insured as it is to be licensed, because not every accident incurred is covered by a homeowners policy and a mistake could get costly. Most importantly, though, we constantly train our experienced staff and strive safety first, so we tend to just avoid mistakes.

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Can I do my own simple wiring?

In most areas, you can, but in some places you cannot. You need to check with your local zoning board or electrical inspector if you are unsure. You also better be sure you know what you are doing. A simple mistake, even with low voltage wiring, can be very costly in the long run. At the very least, consult with an electrician.

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