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MATCHDAY! D.C. United at San Jose Earthquakes

Match preview ---->

Kickoff is 10:30 PM ET. Watch on CSN+
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True True. I think we can do it. It may not be a win by far, but at least one point, yeah, I think we can manage it. I wonder if hamid is going to play.
Wow. Brand spankin' new MLS ref tonight (Allen Chapman), this ought to be real interesting. I would say, thank (insert preferred deity here) that it's not Baldomero Toledo, but a newbie??
WHAT! New Ref! Oh Lord. Well, too bad it's not my Hubby. That's the only time I won't be nervous when I hear the words "New MLS Ref for the next DC United game," LOL.
I only wish I could actually be there taking pics and cheering on our players :) But it's all good. I'll watch from home.
Should be a great game. Go United!
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