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Algorithms: What are They Worth and What Might They Cost You?
Every so often, I read an article that gets me thinking in a different way about software value and  software risk .  Danilo Doneda of Rio de Janeiro State University and Virgilio Almeida of Harvard University recently published an article entitled, “What i...

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How to Count Function Points from User Stories
I was recently involved in a consulting engagement where Agile methodologies were being implemented with User Stories as the documentation standard.
The organization had used function points (FPs) for years on their
waterfall projects and were wondering i...

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How can I establish a software vendor management system?
 Scope of Report This month’s report will focus on two key areas of vendor management . The first is vendor price evaluation which involves projecting the expected price for delivery on the requirements .
The second is vendor governance. This is the proces...

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The Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation
One of the most fundamental questions test engineers ask before
starting a new project is what tools they should use to help create
their automated tests. Luckily, Gartner issues a yearly report to
address this issue. This report, “ Magic Quadrant for So...

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How can I use SNAP to improve my estimation practices?
Scope of Report This month’s report will focus
on how to improve estimation practices by incorporating the Software
Non- functional Assessment Process (SNAP) developed by the International
Function Point User’s Group (IFPUG) into the estimation process. ...

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Measuring Software Value Using a Team Health Assessment
Software development is a team effort. Agile software development ,
in particular, depends on a high level of communication between team
members. In order to be able to improve the business value they are
delivering, it is important that the software dev...

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Four Steps to Assessing Software Value in an M&A
If there is one time when business value is front and center in a
conversation, it is during a merger or acquisition process.  The
acquiring company wants to know the true value of the company it’s
acquiring and the company being acquired wants to prove ...

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How can my organization know if our Agile transformation is successful?
Scope of Report It is commonly accepted that
most organizations today have moved, are moving, or are evaluating a
move toward the use of the Agile methodology. This report considers: (a)
why the move to Agile; (b) what it means to adopt the Agile methodo...

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Using Software Value to Drive Organizational Transformation
I was delighted to read a thought leadership article from McKinsey recently, “ How to start building your next-generation operating model, ” that emphasizes some key themes that I have been pushing for years (the quotes below are from the article): The
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