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Today we have new digital titles at lower price. Are you picking up any from this list? 
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It just takes me to the main page, not a page that in any way highlights discounts.
I'm old, I'm sticking with dead trees.
While there is nothing wrong, inherently with digital. I just prefer the feel of paper and it is so much easier on my eyes. When I get an iPad, I'll consider these digital mediums more. 
I love digital comics on my Kindle Fire. Being able to take hundreds with me at a time is great. And I don't have boxes of worthless paper taking space.
I get it, no judgement here.  But I enjoy going through my boxes of paper, all 50 of them.
+Doug Turner worthless paper? I understand going green, wanting to cut down on paper use, but printed materials are going to have an advantage, nostalgia wise. Even if you weren't born in that era, you can appreciate the value of something that is 60 years or older. 
I do love gazing into the dead puppet eyes of my Green Lantern #1.  The light reflecting on the still glossy paper.  Ahhhh.
Don't appologize, your right the pleasure is in the art and story.  I accept that my collecting impulse is a manefestation of a borderline obsessive personality.  However, the act of going through my boxes is an experience that allows me to re-discover some of those stories and art.  As I file a recent aquisition I might come across an issue of the Flash with a particularly grand bit of Carmine Infantino cover art.  Inspired I re-read it and the next dozen issues.  That's one way that, for me, having paper helps me enjoy comics. 

I can understand the appeal of digital.  In fact if DC ever starts releasing silver and golden age books in digital format I'll be buying an I-pad and will be buying them like crazy.  Honestly I get nervous reading my older books and Digital would give me a more comfortable way read those without having to worry about damaging a  book I paide $300 for. 

I'm not trying to say that paper is better.  It's just how I like to experience things.   Digital books are great, but I just prefer paper.

I also like the old ads, sometimes they are more entertaining than some of the books.  I look at all that old paper as having as much a cultural hitorical value as the value of the art it self.

That's just me.
Um.. DC is releasing tons of books from their entire catalog. Lots of books from the 60's-80's, and a few from before.
Thanks, that's great, is there just batman stuff or are more characters covered?
I would like to see some old worlds finests and more secret files and origins go digital!!
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