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Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and others star in Earth Two. Don't miss the extra-sized debut issue of Earth Two #1, this week's Spotlight Issue. It's here:
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Been looking forward to this.
I cant wait to get out of work to go buy this. I am VERY interested.
Really good first issue, but to my surprise and delight, Worlds' Finest was better. Great one-two combo.
Ummm.... do u guys really like this poop?
Loved E-2 and WF. I'm kinda on the fence with Dial H. I think the storytelling was rather scattered.
After reading the first Earth 2. I need to check out Worlds Finest. I am impressed.
I liked Dial H for the random oddness of it, we'll see if they can keep it together. I enjoyed Resurrection Man initially for the same reasons but I got bored eventually as it seemed aimless.
+Brandon Patterson I agree about RM. DnA had a great opportunity to start new with the character, yet they took the old formula from the original run. Yawn for me. I'm about to drop it.
+Prince Wonder I might pick a few issues up later on just to see the crossover with Suicide Squad, but I haven't looked back since.
Loved Earth 2! It was my favorite New 52 debut! 
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