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A new list of digital price drops are here! What are you going to grab?

Batgirl #9
Batman #9
Batman & Robin #9
Deathstroke #9
Demon Knights #9
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE #9
Green Lantern #9
Green Lantern: The Animated Series #2
Grifter #9
Legion Lost #9
Ravagers, The #1
Resurrection Man #9
Suicide Squad #9
Superboy #9
The Shade #8
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Suicide Squad, Superboy and Batman and Robin
I love how you guys drop the prices.  But it's going to be hard for me to be disciplines and wait for Batman #10
+Wayne Mahoney I know what you mean! I have been really good and waited for the price to drop on almost every comic (all but earth 2) but batman #10 may be way to much of a temptation. 
I can't take the temptation.  Ha ha.  I'm sure I will end up downloading it today.  My excuse will be that I don't want to get spoiled, so I better read it quick.  On a side note, I wish Marvel got with the program and had the same pricing schedule.  
+Wayne Mahoney It is pretty bad on marvels side when there comics cost 3.99 versus 2.99 (comics of 29 or less pages) and then after a month dc's drop in price by a dollar while they stay the makes it half the price. May not sound like much but it does help me justify buying more 
now all i need is a tablet to download this titles o digital DC so smart to be cheaper than the paper
+Jason Conort thanks for the heads up i was also considering of getting one through my cell phone provider under contract
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