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“I am a blood brother.” Find out what this means in this week's Spotlight Digital Issue, Before Watchmen: Comedian #3.
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I am saying nothing about the quality of the books.  Nor am I commenting if DC should have published these.  However, Alan Moore signed a contract that essentially had him betting on his book not be amazing.  And let's not Idolize Alan Moore.  He's a great writer, I won't debate that.  But so much of his work is derivitie of others.  The Watchmen are derivitive of the Charlton characters.  And don't get me started on the Leauge of Extraordinary Gentelmen.  Clearly that's all original, and none of those characters were "classics".  Things get recycled, reused, it happens.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.  But Alan Moore is not the victim here.
I absolutely love Alan Moore, but he has been extremely naive when it comes to film rights most of his career.  
Not even just film rights, his original contract for the maxi series gave it to DC until it went out of print.  It has been in continuious print and is one of the best selling graphic novels ever.  His own success has robbed him of ever having a chance of have that intelectual property back.  Four words would have solved this, "or after 5 years".  Look he made an unfortunate decision, maybe he was bullied into it, creators didn't have much power then.  But let's not make this a grand issue, we all have had situations in our lives like this.  And it's not like it ruined him.
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