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This September all the DC Comics-The New 52 titles get a #0 issue that goes back tell the origins or backstories of characters and teams. Plus, four new series make their debut! Find out more here:
Timed to the one year anniversary of the launch of the historic DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 initiative, DC Comics will introduce 0 month. In September 2012, DC Comics will release 0 issues—and we don't m...
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Definitely picking up Talon and Team 7!
Talon sounds cool.  I wonder what is going to get whacked besides JLI?
DC just doesn't get it's fans in the slightest. It's all about making money in the short term, they don't care about any of their stories and characters(before watchmen proves that). No wonder Marvel is dominating every medium and DC keep falling flat on their face.
well I'm looking forwards to see what Justice League 0 will bring and also probably a 0 in action comics and detective comics may be interesting as well. Maybe even get some 40 page origin story or something of the like, we will see
+Adrian Thayn Nice try yourself. Firstly thats sales to comic book stores, plus Marvel are the most popular on the list you provided. Secondly I guess the Billions the Avengers movie is making means nothing and the financial disaster that was the green lantern also means nothing aswell.
DC are a gimmick ridden company that has no idea on the long term goal. This has been going on for decades. look at the death of superman fiasco as a prime example and recently before watchmen and green lantern being gay. All gimmicks which like the death of superman will make them a bit of money quickly then lose them money over the years. So next time bring some better evidence.
+Duncan Liley Green Lantern wasn't so much of a disaster, it just wasn't a success.  It "only" made 20-30 million
+Darren Stritzinger well said I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel Comics. And in my opinion the New 52 is a breathe of fresh air things were getting quite convoluted in the old DC universe and this reboot allows for some fresh takes on things and maybe even for some very interesting stories ideas you never thought you'd see your favorite characters in. That being said this reboot also allows new readers to easily come into the fold especially for young children just getting into comics or people who decided right out of the gate after seeing a movie, tv show or playing a game that they want to delve into the amazing world of comic books and see what their heroes do in these universes vs another
I guess I don't see a point to this "zero" issue. It doesn't make sense, simply because if you need backstory, you can do a flashback, in a current issue. It's just a way to demand value for backstory books. I love DC, but let's stick with issue 1s, zero issues are gimmicky, and if you're going to offer a zero issue, you start with issue zero, not on issue one, to travel back to issue zero. 
+David Murray part of me agrees but part me also thinks its a great way to have a stand alone story other than just a arc story
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