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Don't forget my webcasts on NuMuBu - anyone can watch them! The first is less than 19 hours from now, and the second comes up 16 hours after the first - so there should be one that will suit your time zone! I'll be doing my own sings plus a few chice covers, including a Sam Phillips cover featuring +Samuel Cardwell on Ebow! Details here: 

#SamPhillips Sam Phillips Info +Samuel Cardwell +NuMuBu 
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I like today's new Gmail with auto-filtered tabs! Has everyone else got it or is it a gradual roll-out? #gmail #tabbedgmail #gmailtabs
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Glad to hear someone likes it! I've been really impressed. I get something like 200 emails a day and I already have a lot of them filtered into about 100 folders. The new system divides the non-filtered ones up really accurately. And any mistakes it makes - you just drag them into the appropriate tab and tell it to remember for the future. Much easier than setting up filters. I've always wanted something to accurately separate out all my personal emails from the rest and this seems to do it brilliantly. That's on the desktop. The iPhone app is the same but it looks a little different as it doesn't have tabs at the top. But it still works OK.

However, all my Facebook friends say they hate it, but you know how Facebook people hate everything new until they've got used to it!
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DC Cardwell

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Have you seen this legendary old film from 1909? It works well as a video for Marjorie Cardwell's cover of "Stars Fell On Alabama"...
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Google went back to sleep is not responding I say we give it some caffeine to kick it into overdrive
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DC Cardwell

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beautiful DC
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DC Cardwell

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The telephone is an electronic version of visiting someone's house, whereas social networking is the digital equivalent of walking down the street.

[I just thought of that and kinda liked it!]
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Its all social media baby nobody goes to anybody's house anymore my drive down the street listen to music and on their phone walking down the streets thing in the past I do it myself for the exercise my dog and I like it much you seem like a really nice guy hope to see you hope to talk to take care
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DC Cardwell

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Like The late Mr. Jobs, I love skeuomorphism on something like an iPhone (or any software, really), as it helps to make 0s & 1s feel connected with real life. So it "worries" me that they're getting away from it with IOS 7. And by simultaneously moving to flat, blocky colours and shapes like Google Drive and YouTube did, they're seriously putting me off upgrading. But I guess I'll live. And so will they.
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Well put, DC! Here's a recent letter of mine to the editor of TIME Asia
magazine, since you love Geek Culture so much:
Dear editor,
Trust your verbally gifted senior writer Mr Lev Grossman to educate and
entertain us with his ingenious articles - his coinage of the phrase
"postskeuomorphist calculator app"
[Should the virtual world try to look like the real one?", June 3 last]
enabled me to concentrate on a tricky editing job after I told my secretary
to tell all visitors that I was involved in postskeuomorphist research that
afternoon and was not to be disturbed. I can almost hear his hero (and
mine) S.J. Perelman chuckle in his grave, and sincerely hope that TIME
magazine (which I have had the pleasure of reading from the age of eleven
to fifty-one) will keep this wonderfully witty osteosynchrondroitician for
at least the remainder of this millennium!

Yours faithfully,

Frank Landsman
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DC Cardwell changed his profile photo.

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The new Google+ looks vastly improved at even a quick glance!
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DC Cardwell

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Mission To Seafarers in Melbourne is the most amazing, historic building right in the heart of Melbourne's Docklands. Check out these photos & videos of our recent gig there!
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Who, me? I write songs. Sing them. Play guitars and other things all over them. Record them. And try to get people to listen to them.
  • Madcar Records
    Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer/Dogsbody, present
Basic Information
Other names
David Cardwell, David C. Cardwell, Davy Cardwell, Dave Cardwell
Just a singer-songwriter-guitarist guy. I'm originally from Northern Ireland but now I live in Melbourne, Australia. I also lived in Vancouver, Canada for a while.

Here's the hype, such as it is, from my bio... don't laugh... and for more updated info check out

Variously described as a blend of music icons such as The Beatles, Ray Davies, Ron Sexsmith, Neil Young & Neil Finn, Melbourne late bloomer DC Cardwell has only recently begun to make his mark in the music world. A “triple threat” singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he sealed his credentials by taking out TWO of the top prizes at the Australian Catapult Song Contest in 2011.

DC’s distinctive and affecting voice is perfect for his songs which take an honest and often wry look at life, peppered with positivity and redemptive possibility. Combine that with his maddeningly catchy hooks, pop-smart arrangements and melodic lead guitar breaks and you have Beatlesque songs that you will want to hear again and again.

Some Hope

DC’s self-produced debut albumSome Hope” was released in the US in 2010, and met with glowing reviews internationally. Of the record, Aaron Kupferberg from Powerpopaholic wrote,

“DC Cardwell creates a heartfelt gem here, full of wonderful melodic hooks and a Ray Davies styled vocal. The gentle minor chords and harmonies that open “I Am Still The Same” are both brilliant and poignant. “Birthday Present” is another example of solid composition and a revelatory Harrison styled guitar break. Some of the mid-tempo ballads are like magical combinations of both Paul Simon and McCartney. ”

Los Angeles & Film Music

The success of the album also paved the way for other opportunities abroad. In 2010 noted Hollywood music supervisor/film composer Jaymee Carpenter (The Fighter, Crime After Crime) heard one of his songs (Birthday Present) on a Youtube video and immediately invited DC to L.A. to record six of his songs for use in his film projects. Jaymee’s reaction to DC’s music is worth noting, and is quoted here with permission:

“I am seriously blown away by your album. I think it may be the greatest thing I’ve heard in years! I don’t want to freak you out, but I’m drooling over here. You just easily became my favorite ‘new’ artist!”

Northern Ireland to Australia via Canada

Growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles shaped DC’s formative years. In 1988 he emigrated to Vancouver with his wife, gifted singer-songwriter Marjorie Cardwell, and their young son, Joel. In the vibrant alternative milieu of the Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s Marjorie played her own songs in the rock clubs of Vancouver, with DC on lead guitar, described in one review as her “secret weapon”. They moved to Australia in the 1996, along with their second son, Samuel, and settled in Melbourne, widely regarded as Australia’s musical and cultural centre.

DC’s Transition

While DC had played guitar for Marjorie for many years, soon after arriving in Australia she retired temporarily from music to pursue university studies. So it wasn’t until 2003, as their two boys were growing up and also learning to play, that DC began to sing and write his own songs. DC would spend long hours “jamming with the kids” and, to avoid the dead-end of interminable 12-bar blues workouts, he would take on vocal duties. Initially reluctant to sing lead, he found that he started to strengthen and develop his own voice, and this new development finally allowed his own songwriting experiments to blossom as he could, at last, instantly translate his ideas into sound.

Catapult Song Contest

In 2011 DC’s song “I Am Still The Same” was selected from over 3000 original song entries Australia wide to win both the Overall Prize and the Judges’ Favourite award in the nationwide Catapult Song Contest.

DC’s album Some Hope

It’s an emotionally affecting piece with a fascinating back-story, and has a startling video which was an official selection of the 2012 SoCal Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA. This remarkable film has garnered much attention and been selected for use by a major charity and also by the Campfire film foundation providing thought-provoking short films for schools and universities. One of the Catapult judges, Australia’s esteemed Music Director John Foreman (Music Director – Australian Idol, Carols By Candlelight) noted that it has:

“Fantastic evocative vocal tone and great lyrics. Together with the clip it’s a very moving song.”

Music Styles

DC’s delicately crafted melodies, coupled with a blend of poignant and witty lyrics, conjure subtle reminders of 60s and 70s rock fused with DC’s infectious hooks and subversively heart-warming style.

When asked to describe his own music he says it’s hard to beat his favourite quote from an online friend, songwriter Christopher Morse:

“Who knew that depression, bitter irony, loneliness and mistrust could be so much fun? I’m not saying that sarcastically. You dig deep with such gentle and humorous resignation it’s impossible not to enjoy the bitter truths you unearth.”

DC has always had an eclectic taste in music, with The Beatles as his ‘gold-standard’, but as far as rock goes he also credits classic influences such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, The Buzzcocks, Al Green, The Kinks, The Velvet Underground & The Band, and slightly less well-known artists like T-Bone Burnett, Nick Lowe, Jonathan Richman, Richard & Linda Thompson, Wild Man Fischer & Sloan. He also has a deep love for a wide range of genres including soul, early R&B, early jazz, bebop, reggae, country, folk, indie, punk… In fact he draws from so many wells that likes to use a term coined by one of his favourite artists, cult female singer-songwriter Sam Phillips, to describe his own music: OMNIPOP!

For fans of The Beatles, Crowded House, Neil Young, Sam Phillips, T-Bone Burnett, Bob Dylan, The Band, Elliott Smith, Jon Brion, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, The Kinks, Ray Davies, The Mutton Birds, Nick Lowe, Dave Edmunds, Rockpile, Jellyfish, David Bowie, Johnny Cash, Gillian Welch, Richard Thompson, The Byrds, the Rutles, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Mark Heard, Victor Stranges, the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Roy Wood, ELO
Bragging rights
Won a song contest with a sad song.
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Melbourne, Australia
Portadown, Northern Ireland - Vancouver, Canada
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