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Now on Youtube too! John Lennon's song about Donald Trump... no, really! Prophetic... 

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I'm doing ANOTHER #webcast exactly 24 hours from now! See  for details, and to watch highlights of last week's!

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I enjoyed our last webcast so much that I'm doing another one soon! The time on YOUR Facebook (up there underneath the banner) should be correct FOR YOU.

It's part of a Aussie special "Flash Festival" on Numubu

And if you want to get an idea of how the last one went, here's a highlights reel:

I can't guarantee that either of the cats will show up the next time, though!

If you want to be sure not to miss out on these live webcasts, make sure you're signed up for my newsletter at and I'll send out a note with all the details!

PS: If you've you've got a laptop or computer with a webcam and internet connection, that's all you need to go live on NuMuBu! It's as easy as Skyping! If you need further details, contact me or get in touch with NuMuBu at

+NuMuBu +NuMuBu +DC Cardwell (Google+ Music Page!) +DC Cardwell +DC Cardwell 

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Don't forget my webcasts on NuMuBu - anyone can watch them! The first is less than 19 hours from now, and the second comes up 16 hours after the first - so there should be one that will suit your time zone! I'll be doing my own sings plus a few chice covers, including a Sam Phillips cover featuring +Samuel Cardwell on Ebow! Details here: 

#SamPhillips Sam Phillips Info +Samuel Cardwell +NuMuBu 

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The telephone is an electronic version of visiting someone's house, whereas social networking is the digital equivalent of walking down the street.

[I just thought of that and kinda liked it!]

I like today's new Gmail with auto-filtered tabs! Has everyone else got it or is it a gradual roll-out? #gmail #tabbedgmail #gmailtabs

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Like The late Mr. Jobs, I love skeuomorphism on something like an iPhone (or any software, really), as it helps to make 0s & 1s feel connected with real life. So it "worries" me that they're getting away from it with IOS 7. And by simultaneously moving to flat, blocky colours and shapes like Google Drive and YouTube did, they're seriously putting me off upgrading. But I guess I'll live. And so will they.

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Have you seen this legendary old film from 1909? It works well as a video for Marjorie Cardwell's cover of "Stars Fell On Alabama"...
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