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Google+ Messenger ???

I think the Huddle/Messenger is stupid. The idea was cool, to have a group chat. I can see it being very useful when trying to organize things with a certain circle... That, I think is cool.

But they should have just made it GTalk just like the chat in Google+. Now we have a seperate messenger ? It's a messenger, but it's not GTalk ?? LAME !

just saying..
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Rick K
that could change?
Cal vin
Get out of my head... LOL
+Calvin Grant I can't. I gained some weight in the back end. I'm a little stuck....
Where is it?(messenger) i have it on my android...but not on my pc???...or am i being really thick!
not to be confused with Yahoo's Messenger? or any other messenger?
You can only access it on the mobile app.. thats why it's so stupid.. should have just made it GTalk..
why google team ck ck...shamblas
i disappointed to google+ chat.......shamblas...ugli....stupid...
they have a separate team at Google doing the social stuff.. eventually, all Google services will be integrated.
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