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Could you tell I'm big into #Linux just by looking at my watch ?
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* Alternative to AllCast for Android *

Since I flashed the CM11 ROM on to my #Samsung #Galaxy #Note3, I needed to find an alternative option to use Samsung's #Allshare service.

The first option I found on the market is called #AllCast from ClockWorkMod. Only, the app was a trial, and I could only stream videos for a short period of time. The premium version costs $6.00, and I'm cheap, so if I could help it, I'd rather not pay anything.

I found another free alternative on the market that works perfectly. It's called #iMediaShare Personal. It's ad based, so there are banners. In the app's description, it says that the ads won't be displayed if I have "Flipps HD" installed, which I don't.

The thing is, I see the ads in the iMediaShare app on my phone. But the video playing on the TV, which is being served from iMediaShare, don't have ads, so it works out perfectly for me.

If any of you are also looking for an alternative, I'd check out iMediaShare. On top of my Samsung player, iMediaShare supports a bunch of other devices/services.

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Any of y'all ever get so zoned into what ever you're doing on your phone while you're sitting on the can...

That you kinda forget you're sitting on the can...

Until your butt falls asleep and goes numb?

Just wondering....

I can't be the only one this happens to. 
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I sell them :) 
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Duffin's is like an East Vancouver Monument. You can weed out those who are from the hood or not by asking them if they want a Chicken Torta. If they ask you what a Torta is....
they ain't hood...
But it's all good... Show them some East Van love, and show them "the light". Go grab them a Torta, and tell them to pay it forward.
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**[Heads Up] Illumination Software Creator for Ubuntu**

Illumination Software Creator on the Ubuntu Software Center is $49.95. If you go directly to the source - the developer, it's free!

ISC is a tool that allows you to easily create apps with out knowing code. It's all visual. You build apps by stacking blocks.
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New toys? ;)
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* First Impression: CM11 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 *

Just flashed the CyanogenMod 11 ROM on to the Note 3, replacing the stock Android Jelly Bean OS with the KitKat version. Here's my quick first impression:

1. CON - The Samsung camera is gone. There's still a working camera with lots of features, but the cool 360 PhotoSphere (which I never really use), is gone.

2. PRO - The ROM is highly customizable. There are Tons of themes you can download right from the market.

3. CON - Recording videos at 1080p freezes the camera.

4. PRO - Quick access to the camera from the lock screen. Sliding the screen from right to left opens the camera. You can also take a picture from the drop down notification bar with out opening the camera.

5. CON - Not so easy to "cast" / stream videos to the TV anymore. You can still do it, but you actually have to do some work to do it now.

6. PRO - It's a small ROM. So it's light and fast.

7. CON - It's a new ROM. So it's buggy and will randomly reboot from time to time.

8. PRO - It's super customizable. It's worth a double mention because there's just so much you can do with the ROM.

That's all for now. I just flashed it so I'm still playing around with it.

If you're thinking of flashing the ROM on your Note and you have some questions, feel free to ask. You can't go wrong with CyanogenMod...

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Cool, I may have to get re-acquainted with this ROM again soon...
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* Alternative to Go Contacts & Go SMS for Android that I just found *

I like the "GO" suite of apps for the Android. I first started using #GoContacts back when I had an HTC phone, & I needed to customize how the names in my contact list were being displayed, and which group of contacts I wanted to be displayed.

Lately, I've been having problems with the suite (I couldn't get it to decide on a default SMS app to use. Go Contacts would randomly go back and forth between Go SMS pro and the SMS tab in Go Contacts), so I went shopping for an alternative. I didn't have to go far to find #Contacts+. Then I downloaded the rest of their apps (which are basically apps that open up different tabs from within Contacts+).

Now, the + suite is not as customizable as the Go suite is - there aren't any themes for the app. As far as themes go, you can only choose from light (which is a white theme), dark (grey), black, & pure black, but there are a bunch of features you can play with.

Because I love having a picture attached to each of the contacts in my list, my favourite feature is the option to link up your Facebook and/or Google+ accounts, sync your contacts, and use their profile picture as the contact photo.

I definitely recommend the app if you're looking for an alternative to your phone's contact list. Check out Contact+
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While watching the last episode of Suits, I realized that it was the season finale.....

I totally stretched out the episode... Must have watched it half a dozen times or so..
Anyone else bummed we don't get Suits until the new season starts?

And PS... Donna is sooo fucking HOT! 
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Ya donna ıs the best 
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OK.. This is from a Vietnamese blog.... For most of you, you obviously won't be able to read/understand the post... Even if you are using Google Chrome and you chose the "translate to English" option that pops up, it's still pretty hard to understand.. So.. I'll give you the shortened, to the point, English version.

1. Guy is super whipped over Girl.

2. Girl breaks up with Guy, and Guy is crushed,.

3. Girl starts dating again. Guy gets very jealous.

4. Guy runs into Girl's new BF, rage and jealous over powers him, he punches the new BF in the face, and then he runs back home like a little bitch and plans his suicide. But instead of planning a suicide, he plans a murder-suicide.

5. Later on, Guy runs into Girl. Guy chokes Girl until she passes out. Then, pulls out a knife and stabs her in the chest... but before he retires to his room, he gives her a knee to the face.

6. So then he cleans the knife and then locks himself in his room to off himself.

His method... He was going to inject himself with a bunch of shit and try to OD himself.....BUT...this idiot was going to shoot himself up with FISH SAUCE. No heroin, cocaine, or any drug at all..... but fish sauce. That brown, salty sauce us Vietnamese love to use when cooking.

I mean, I guess it could kill you if you injected yourself with enough, but that goes for everything.

7. So he pumps himself full of fish sauce. I guess it wasn't working, cause he then repeatedly stabbed himself in the chest and pumped more fish sauce into him. He did this until he passed out.

8. Girl didn't die. She was found and rushed to the emergency in the nick of time.

9. Guy obviously failed at offing himself as well... cause the idiot got 7 years.

So... yea...... Fish Sauce...

Link to original blog post:
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*Getting World of Goo to run on Ubuntu - Segmentation fault*

How to fix the "Segmentation fault" error, and get World of Goo running on Linux.
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but world of goo runs fine on archlinux i tested it an year ago on the demo of it on steam ;D
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