Evolution of F1 teams

Formula 1 teams change ownership and names. These are the current (2012) teams' evolution.

McLaren -> Project 4+McLaren= McLaren
Stewart -> Jaguar -> RBR
Sauber -> BMW Sauber -> Sauber
Toleman -> Benetton -> Renault -> Lotus
Jordan -> Midland -> Spyker -> Force India
Williams (Second Incarnation after Williams -> Williams+Hesketh=WWR -> Fittipaldi+WWR=Fittipaldi)
Minardi -> STR
Tyrrell -> BAR -> Honda -> Brawn -> Mercedes
Virgin -> Marussia
Lotus (Second Incarnation after Lotus -> Pacific+Lotus=Pacific) -> Caterham
Hispania -> HRT

Connections indicated by '+' indicate collaborations or IP or Assets transference. The party on the left of the '+' is the most relevant or the one that came out as the new owner. Financial ownership changes are ignored, with priority given to race operations control.

Names in bold are the ones currently active in the F1 WCC.

Criteria are "fairly consistent", but hole-pointing is welcome at the comments area.

The listing order follows the current (2012 after round 2) WCC classification.
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