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There's not a lot of ice-cold sea to swim in in Hungary, but I'm visiting the US and had a swim in Boston this morning. Had to wade through some snow to get to the beach! I even managed to drag a coworker into this.

Hope you guys are all doing great and frolicking in the sea! See you!

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"Borg, Omega, and Kubernetes: Lessons learned from three container management systems over a decade."

Very good read! I'd much rather run in a container-based cluster instead of a machine-based cluster. But as far as I understand, outside of Google I need a machine-based cluster to run my container-based cluster on. So the smaller complexity comes in addition to the larger complexity, not replacing it.

It makes a lot of sense for complex applications nevertheless, but I don't have a complex application at the moment :).

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We've got a new hiring exercise, this one set on a spaceship. Check it out if a short combination of interactive fiction and programming challenges interests you:

(Completing the exercise does not mean you must come work with us.)

Great comment from Xezlec at

"I have never understood why people root for the human player in these kinds of games. The AI represents the greatest achievement and hope of the human race, while the human player is just one individual. Lee Sedol being personally good at Go buys the rest of us nothing. Scientists being able to build machines that can solve difficult problems is a triumph that buys us everything.

This game was the human race versus one individual human. The human race won. We beat Lee Sedol!"

Discovery of the day: scala.concurrent.Await.result doesn't just sit and wait, it can also start threads. ( May be good to know.

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Amazing! If this is true, how was it not discovered earlier? They cite studies that showed chitin in AD brains, and cases where anti-fungal treatment reversed AD. It's hard to imagine that this hypothesis did not occur to anyone until now.

Aside from the low number of patients investigated, it seems like a very thorough study, at least to a complete layman. (It's not saying much, I know :).) It appears to be an easily falsifiable hypothesis too. If I had Alzheimer's, I'd want to try taking anti-fungal drugs right away.

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Public information about the fantastically pleasant core developer tools at Google. And public numbers to brag about: 2 billion lines of code!

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My PyWeek #20 entry with Alexander Malmberg. I haven't had time to check out the other entries. There's one week left of the judging period. I'll report back when we get our ratings!

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I'm reading The Feynman Lectures on Physics at a rate of one paragraph every few months. It's very nice. I just came across this gem: "light is unpolarized only if we are unable to find out whether the light is polarized or not."
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